Summer Body Plan: At Home Exercise

Your Summer Body Plan

Spring is near, bringing with it the promise of warm weather to come… Do you know what happens when the weather warms up? People put on bathing suits. Well, get ready to rock your bathing suit this summer with this at-home exercise plan!

Effective at-home exercise plan

Are you ready to bear it all on the beach? At this point in time, you may be freaking out because those fitness goals may have slipped through the cracks since the new year began.

If you’re not ready, no worries, there is still time.

Follow these 4 steps to take advantage of the change in weather:

Step One: Do Some Burpees

Summer Body Plan At Home Exercise

Can burpees really help flatten your abs? You bet. Incorporate a few minutes of burpees into your workouts to burn extra calories and tighten your core.

Here’s how to do a burpee: 1) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. 2) Drop to a squat with your hands on the ground. 3) Kick feet back while lowering into a push-up. 4) Return to the squat position. 5) Jump up with arms overhead.

Step Two: Reduce Sodium

Did you know that salt causes water retention? Puffy skin is not going to make your abs look great in a bathing suit!

Take the time to pay attention to the sodium content of your food. Limit salt intake by not eating packaged foods and by putting down the salt shaker. Your six-pack will thank you.

Step Three: Get Unconventional

Tools that are functional and portable that provide a challenge to the midsection can tighten and strengthen you anytime and anywhere.

The warrior steel mace, resistance bands, or speed rope are easily packed in a bag and taken to a grassy area or beach.

Do a squat and press holding a steel mace at your chest then raise it overhead, or place a resistance band under your feet and curl with your biceps.

Do “Tabata” drills with your speed rope by performing 20 seconds or jumping and 10 seconds rest for 4 minutes to jumpstart your metabolism and shred massive amounts of fat.

Step four: Do Some Sprints

High-intensity bursts of cardio are a proven way to burn away layers of fat, so incorporate sprints into your exercise routine.

If you haven’t run in a while, take it easy as you start, and gradually increase the intensity of your sprints.

Run 60-90 second sprints in between the resistance training sets to really kick your fat-burning mechanism into high gear.


Getting in shape doesn’t have to be wicked hard and confusing…

It all starts with calories in vs calories burned. Take control of your nutrition, try an at-home exercise plan like this and stay motivated. You will reach your goals!

Thanks, Tee Major from FitFusion for this great workout!