9 Best Weight Loss Apps for Couples

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Starting a weight loss journey with your partner can be a powerful bonding experience, but it comes with its own set of challenges. The search for the perfect weight loss app tailored for couples can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best weight loss apps for couples to help you find the perfect app for you and your partner. With that said, let’s roll in.

Top Weight Loss Apps for Couples (iPhone & Android)

Here we’ll explore the finest fitness-tracking apps for couples to get healthier together.

Beyond Body

Beyond Body App

Platforms: iOS & Android

Pricing: Starts from $33/mo ($13.50/mo with the 6-month plan).

The Beyond Body app is the ultimate weight loss app for couples, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to well-being that sets it apart. This innovative platform is designed to cater to individual preferences while fostering a shared journey towards optimal health.

What makes Beyond Body truly exceptional is its practical and individualized guidebook, housing tailored nutrition, fitness, and habit-building programs. Its standout feature is the flexibility it offers. Unlike generic weight loss apps, Beyond Body thrives on ingredient-focused meal plans, allowing couples to explore diverse combinations aligned with their tastes and objectives. The 28-day personalized meal plan serves not only as a culinary adventure but also a transformative path toward healthy eating mastery.

Beyond Body’s excellence extends beyond nutrition. It delves into precisely matched exercise regimens based on user responses in the app’s quiz. Moreover, it addresses crucial aspects of well-being like sleep, mindfulness, stress relief, and work-life balance, ensuring a holistic approach to health.

The app’s key features, including personalized precision, customizable diet plans, tailored exercise regimens, comprehensive tracking, and consistent motivation, make it the ideal choice for couples. Beyond Body’s focus on individualized experiences within a shared journey makes it the perfect companion for couples striving for mutual health enhancements.

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  • Key Features

    • Tailored programs for effective and rewarding experiences
    • Hundreds of diet options adaptable to preferences
    • Individualized exercises for sustainable fitness
    • Insights into progress, weight, steps, and hydration
    • Timely reminders for sustained commitment

    Nike+ Training Club

    Platforms: iOS & Android

    Pricing: Free. Guided workouts are paid (optional).

    The Nike+ Training Club app stands out as one of the best weight loss apps for couples seeking a diverse and engaging fitness experience. Designed to cater to various fitness levels, this app offers a plethora of guided workouts curated by world-class trainers. From weightlifting to cardio and yoga, the app covers a wide range of exercises, making it ideal for couples with varying preferences.

    One of the app’s major advantages is its cost-free access to high-quality workouts. This is especially beneficial for couples navigating gym closures, offering them the opportunity to maintain their fitness routine from the comfort of their homes, local parks, or any preferred workout spot.

    Nike+ Training Club caters to couples striving for mutual health improvements, providing them with a shared platform to achieve their goals together. With its user-friendly interface and adaptability to minimal exercise equipment, the app ensures inclusivity and convenience.

    Furthermore, Nike+ Training Club is just one facet of a comprehensive suite of Nike+ apps, offering a holistic fitness ecosystem. Beyond workouts, the app grants users exclusive access to Nike store deals, personalized shopping assistance, and performance product recommendations. For couples determined to enhance their fitness journey collectively, the Nike+ Training Club app emerges as an invaluable companion, fostering a healthier and stronger bond.

    Key Features

    • Guided workouts by world-class trainers
    • Diverse exercise options: weightlifting, cardio, yoga
    • Free access to comprehensive fitness content
    • Adaptable for various fitness levels
    • Exclusive Nike store deals and recommendations


    Platforms: iOS & Android

    Pricing: Free. The premium plan starts from $12.99/mo (optional).

    The Peloton App emerges as a dynamic weight loss tool for couples, with its unique focus on community-driven fitness. Beyond workout quality and class diversity, the app’s strength lies in fostering a sense of togetherness that fuels consistent engagement. Perfect for home use on large screens like Roku TVs, it redefines virtual group fitness.

    The instructors, exuding expertise and energy, complete workouts alongside users in professional studios, creating an immersive experience. Music choices are customizable, enhancing workouts by providing familiar tracks categorized by genre.

    Notably, Peloton’s community aspect shines with activity sharing. While privacy is an option, public profiles encourage mutual motivation and accountability among couples and friends. Friends can synchronize class times and track each other’s progress, reinforcing commitment.

    Key Features

    • Emphasis on community and group fitness
    • Experienced and energetic instructors
    • Customizable music playlists and genres
    • Activity sharing for motivation and accountability


    Platforms: iOS & Android

    Pricing: Free. The premium plan starts from $5.99/mo (optional).

    MapMyRun stands out as a go-to app for dedicated runners, offering comprehensive tracking capabilities and fostering a strong sense of community. The app excels in tracking essential running metrics such as mileage, duration, and calories burned, providing a clear overview of progress and dedication over time. By comparing weekly stats, users can closely monitor their advancement, motivating them to keep pushing forward.

    A standout feature of MapMyRun is its ability to showcase popular running routes in the user’s vicinity. Upon selecting their city, users gain access to various routes, filterable by mileage, ascent, and location. This feature prevents monotony by introducing new paths to explore.

    The community aspect plays a pivotal role, resembling a social media feed exclusively dedicated to running activities. Users can view others’ runs, interact, and even initiate friendly competitions. This communal element provides an excellent opportunity for couples to engage in joint fitness endeavors, sharing achievements and spurring each other on to reach their running and fitness objectives together.

    Key Features

    • Comprehensive tracking: mileage, duration, calories burned
    • Weekly stat comparison for tracking progress
    • Access to popular running routes in the area
    • Engaging community: view runs, competitions, and interaction


    Platforms: iOS & Android

    Pricing: Free. The premium plan starts from $7.99/mo (optional).

    Lifesum stands as an essential app for couples striving to improve their eating habits and overall well-being. Recognizing the significance of balanced nutrition alongside exercise, Lifesum addresses the challenges of healthy eating, especially when time and nutritional knowledge are limited.

    The app’s standout feature lies in its ability to tailor a simplified meal plan to each user’s specific needs and preferences. Taking into account dietary preferences and habits, Lifesum creates a customized plan to help individuals and couples achieve wellness and weight goals. Moreover, the inclusion of recipes simplifies meal preparation, making healthy choices more accessible and enjoyable.

    Lifesum further empowers users by enabling daily tracking of eating and water intake. This feature promotes mindful consumption and prevents unconscious eating patterns. Couples can particularly benefit from this app, as it encourages shared healthy habits, promoting mutual accountability and support.

    In a partnership, aligning nutritional choices is crucial, and Lifesum facilitates this process by guiding couples toward a unified approach to healthy eating. While physical activity is vital, Lifesum underlines that a holistic well-being journey includes nourishing the body with nutritious meals, making it an indispensable tool for couples looking to enhance their lifestyles together.

    Key Features

    • Customized meal plans tailored to preferences
    • Recipe integration for easy meal preparation
    • Daily tracking of eating and water intake
    • Promotes healthy habits and mutual accountability for couples


    Platforms: iOS & Android

    Pricing: Free. The premium plan starts from $19.99/mo (optional).

    The Sweat app offers a personalized fitness journey for couples, acting as a virtual personal trainer with its versatile range of training plans. Boasting 19 distinct programs, it caters to diverse preferences including home workouts, gym routines, and post-pregnancy plans. The app’s standout feature is its adaptable variety, supporting users through different fitness stages.

    During the lockdown, the app’s zero-equipment workouts were a hit, and the app provides tailored suggestions based on the user’s progress within their chosen plan. Gym-goers can select from various plans, like High-Intensity Strength, PWR, FIERCE, and BUILD, ensuring tailored progress.

    Beyond workouts, the app features recipes and meal ideas, considering dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. It aids users in planning meals and generating shopping lists, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet in fitness journeys.

    Key Features

    • Multiple training plans by renowned trainers
    • Customizable workout scheduling and reminders
    • Varied workout options: gym, home, bodyweight
    • Dietary-specific recipes and meal planning


    Platforms: iOS & Android

    Pricing: Free. Some services are paid (optional).

    Mindbody emerges as a versatile app that seamlessly integrates fitness and wellness pursuits, making it an ideal tool for couples seeking a holistic approach to health. This app transcends physical exercise by encompassing a diverse range of disciplines, from yoga and pilates to HIIT and circuit training. By connecting users with global workout studios, Mindbody empowers individuals to engage in virtual classes from the comfort of their homes.

    A key highlight of the app is its exhaustive compilation of workout classes from renowned studios, ensuring access to familiar and trusted fitness resources. Not limited to exercise, Mindbody also serves as a comprehensive scheduling tool, efficiently managing fitness memberships and beauty appointments to ensure optimum health maintenance.

    Mindbody further extends its utility by offering curated lists of recommended wellness centers and beauty establishments in the vicinity. This feature facilitates easy access to desired services, supporting both physical and emotional well-being.

    While the app does involve paid services, the investment is justifiable considering the convenience and variety it provides. Mindbody becomes a unifying platform for couples, helping them nurture both their physical health and emotional wellness, fostering a balanced and thriving relationship.

    Key Features

    • Virtual workouts: yoga, pilates, HIIT, and more
    • Connects to global workout studios
    • Scheduling tool for fitness and beauty appointments
    • Recommendations for local wellness and beauty centers
    • Comprehensive platform for overall health and well-being

    The Mindfulness App

    Platforms: iOS & Android

    Pricing: Free. The premium plan starts from $9.99/mo (optional).

    The Mindfulness app shines as an excellent tool for individuals and couples seeking to cultivate mindfulness and enhance their overall well-being. Meditation, a powerful practice, can significantly improve mindfulness and presence in daily life, positively impacting personal and relationship dynamics.

    Despite common misconceptions, meditation doesn’t require any prior experience or elaborate rituals. The Mindfulness app addresses these concerns by offering an approachable platform suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. It features a range of resources, including an introductory meditation course, guided sessions, and a library of longer meditations.

    The app provides a user-friendly experience, allowing individuals to track their progress through reminders and statistics. This feature fosters consistency and motivation, helping users maintain a regular meditation routine.

    Engaging in mindfulness meditation not only grounds individuals in their everyday experiences but also enriches their mental well-being. Couples can mutually benefit from this practice by exploring guided sessions together, sharing a journey toward heightened presence and personal growth.

    Ultimately, integrating mindfulness meditation into daily routines can positively influence mental health, personal life, and relationship dynamics. The Mindfulness app stands as an accessible and impactful avenue to embark on this transformative journey.

    Key Features

    • Approachable meditation app for all levels
    • Introductory course and guided meditations
    • Reminders and statistics for consistency
    • Suitable for individual and couple practice
    • Enhances mindfulness, mental health, and relationships


    Platforms: iOS & Android

    Pricing: Free. The premium version starts from $12.99/mo (optional).

    Headspace emerges as an essential mindfulness app, dedicated to nurturing mental well-being alongside physical health. Recognizing the significance of holistic personal health, the app integrates mindfulness activities into daily routines, promoting stress reduction, improved movement, and better sleep through scientifically validated methods.

    With an array of guided meditations, Headspace offers diverse mindfulness experiences tailored to various aspects of life. From sleeping better to waking up refreshed, managing stress and anxiety, and even exercises like running or walking, the app covers a comprehensive spectrum of well-being. It extends its mindfulness principles to activities such as eating and cooking, fostering a holistic approach to mental wellness.

    The app’s versatility allows couples to explore mindfulness activities independently, gaining insights into individual preferences and techniques. Sharing and discussing newfound techniques creates a meaningful bonding experience. Moreover, couples can partake in guided practices together, fostering a shared mindfulness practice that deepens their connection.

    Incorporating Headspace into daily routines not only enhances mental health but also reinforces the overall well-being of individuals and couples. By combining mindfulness activities with physical health pursuits, the app becomes an invaluable tool for couples aspiring to nurture a balanced and thriving relationship.

    Key Features

    • Mindfulness app for mental well-being
    • Guided meditations for stress, sleep, and more
    • Inclusive of various aspects of life
    • Supports individual and couple mindfulness practices
    • Promotes holistic personal health and relationship bonding

    Final Words

    To sum up, it’s a great idea to start your weight loss journey with your partner. However, finding the right app might be a challenge. That’s why this guide reviews and compares the finest weight loss apps for couples in detail to help you choose one that fits your needs.

    Among the top weight loss apps for couples, “Beyond Body” stands out for its personalized plans tailored to individual preferences to ensure a successful and enjoyable journey. If you’re interested in trying Beyond Body, click here to get started with Beyond Body and start your fitness journey right away!

    Beyond Body - 67% Off Discount Code

    Up to 67% OFF Beyond Body Checkout Code - LARGEST discount on the internet!
    On Going Offer
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