The 6 Best Ways to Lose Weight

Not So Secret Weight Loss Methods

Weight loss is a hot topic and unfortunately is not easily solvable. If you are looking for easy ways to lose weight or a quick method to shed pounds, do a little research. Is this super-secret? Well, they must be because not everyone tries them! We are going to break down these highly effective, not-so-secret weight loss methods for you!

Try these simple, not so secret weight loss methods

Diets that promise fast weight loss may be effective, but they are not the healthiest way to lose weight, as well as include a much higher chance of regaining the weight if you stop dieting.

So skip intense diets  and stick to losing weight the healthy way.

The way you workout also affects your weight loss: exchange your hour-long workout on the treadmill with short, 20-minute interval training and weight lifting.

Finally, pay attention to your diet: exchange any high-carb, high-sugar foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep your metabolism up by eating more frequently.

Some of these methods will not be easy to implement, but your body will thank you for the results.

Supplements: They Actually Help

There are good diet pills and bad diet pills, and we did the research for you to figure out which is the most trustworthy supplement. We narrowed down the list to two weight loss supplements that help boost your muscle tone, burn fat and improve your mood.

Any supplements you take should be taken while eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly to receive the best results. To compare one brand of supplement with another, you can consult websites like Authority Reports.

There you can review expert’s opinions about all kinds of supplements and compare the dosage, price, and quality of ingredients to pick a supplement that is best for you.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a natural supplement taken from the rind of tropical fruit. This supplement lowers your blood pressure, curbs your appetite, and also helps boost your mood. This all works together as a weight loss supplement to keep you from overeating and limiting your stress.

Most people who are stressed or are feeling depressed often turn to food to help them feel better, but with the help of garcinia Cambogia, their serotonin levels will be boosted so they are less likely to fall into depressive moods. Limiting someone’s appetite helps with weight loss as well by cutting down on calorie consumption.

Raspberry Ketone

The chemical that gives raspberries their rich smell also is used in this weight loss supplement. Raspberry ketone raises levels of the hormone adiponectin, which helps you lose weight by burning fat and regulating your blood sugar. If you have low blood sugar levels you tend to crave more food, which can lead to binge eating.

It also triggers fat burning in your body so your cells don’t store fat and use it as energy instead.

Interval Training Is Way Better

Now that you know which supplement to buy, let’s get your workout game up to par. Throw away any ideas of working out longer means more weight loss. Instead, work out harder. Interval training is where you start at a lower-intensity pace and then switch to a high-intensity period. Your heart rate should be raised for equal periods of time that you are doing low-interval training, but remember to take a break to catch your breath.

Instead of completely stopping, keep your pace slow so you are still moving to prevent cramping up and continue the workout. In a study conducted on two different sets of athletes, those who did interval training and rested the next day were still burning calories on their off day, versus the others whose calorie count was stagnant. While the participants of the study watched movies or hung around, they were burning calories the whole time.

This means that you can cut your gym time and just make sure you’re putting in some hard and fast bursts of exercise into your routine.

No Sweat? No Problem

6 Secret Weight Loss Methods That Actually WorkIf interval training sounded horrendous to you, don’t worry! There is no need to get all worked up and sweaty for a workout. Even light workouts including yoga, tai chi, or water aerobics help burn as many calories as running on the treadmill for an hour.

We know how difficult it is to get up and get moving, and especially if you don’t have a gym membership or other expensive equipment, it’s daunting to commit to a new exercise routine. Instead of buying a gym membership, try twenty minutes of yoga or tai chi.

Poses and stretches can be found for free online. Aerobic exercises can be done on land, which is more strenuous, or in the pool, which puts less weight on your joints. Either way, these exercises reduce your blood pressure, LDL cholesterol levels, and triglycerides. This also lowers your chances of cardiovascular disease.

These types of exercises also have the benefit of beginner levels. You don’t need to feel like you are behind just because you are not an expert at yoga: you can build your flexibility and endurance through the regular practice of these types of movements.

The more you move, the more your weight loss goals are in reach.

Lift Some Weights

Lifting weights help with weight loss, cardiovascular health, and improve your balance. Although most people skip it and just head to the treadmill or elliptical, weight training is the most effective way to lose weight.

It saves time, too, as you only need twenty minutes twice a week to improve muscle mass.

Weight Loss

Even if you don’t technically lose weight, especially when you start with weight training, what you are actually losing is body fat. You’ll look and feel better and actually fit in that smaller pair of jeans because your body fat will have melted off. Muscle weighs more than fat, but it appears leaner, keeping your body looking trim.

Heart Health

Although during your workouts your blood pressure will be heightened, weight training, and exercise in general, helps lower your blood pressure. When you exercise you eliminate the fat that is clogging your arteries, allowing your blood to flow more easily to your muscles in order to improve performance.

The combination of low blood pressure and low cholesterol helps your heart perform better and pump more efficiently, so all your body receives sufficient amounts of energy. This also loads your cells up with antioxidants, improving cell health.


Weight training is especially good for older adults, who are more likely to injure themselves if they fall.

Using weights helps increase your bone density, which greatly reduces the risk of breakages.

Three Meals A Day? Make That Double

If you think skipping a meal with help you reduce your waistline, you’re incorrect. Although you may be reducing your calorie intake, your body will actually start storing fat if you take a long period of time between meals.

That doesn’t mean to eat a three-course meal as often as you’d like, but to speed up your metabolism and maintain blood sugar levels, you should eat a small snack every three hours. This means you need to snack smart. Don’t zone out and eat an entire bag of chips: make sure your snack is only 200 calories or less. Also, treat it like a real meal: sit down, take out a plate, and use utensils.

This way you are less likely to overeat. If you want to pack in the vitamins, you can snack on dark, leafy greens like kale, cauliflower, and spinach. Keeping your blood sugar from suddenly spiking is a great way to avoid cravings and metabolize your food more efficiently.


If you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to work for it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t accept a little help.

Researching first and getting the right knowledge of how to lose weight in a healthy way is key to keeping the pounds off and ensuring they won’t come right back. Using well-researched dietary supplements can help curb your cravings and keep you out of those dark moods.

Implementing some kind of exercise into your life is important, but you don’t need to slave away at the gym for hours. Instead, you can lift weights, do some yoga, or start interval training for best results.

As always, what you eat has an effect on your body. That means not skip meals and add healthy snacks every three or four hours into your day to keep your blood sugar levels even. This way your metabolism is working well and you don’t store unwanted fat in your body.

If you follow these not-so-secret weight loss methods, we know you can sculpt a body that you are proud of!

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