5 Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Need a Workout Partner? Why Not Your Dog?

Love to have company while exercising? If last-minute cancellations and lazy companions are not an option, who’s a better candidate than your dog? No one loves to exercise as much as these four-legged creatures!

Why Does Your Dog Make the Perfect Workout Partner?

Some of the main reasons why dogs make the best workout companions are:

  • They love exercising
  • It does them good, too (releases endorphins)
  • They will not back out at the last minute
  • They are available any time you feel like working out

Dogs make excellent companions for exercising. Dog owners tend to get more of the recommended weekly exercise than those who do not own dogs. Of course, you will need to train your dog specifically to listen and be safe on the road with you.

Now grab that leash and get ready to work out with your furry companion. Check out some of the fun ways to exercise with your canine:

5 Methods for Working Out with Your DogRunning

This is by far the simplest and one of the best forms of exercise for both you and your pet. Add some zing to that morning dog walk by running for intervals, or try a constant jog.

You need to ease your dog into running with you. Once your dog gets into the habit of running, you can go for longer distances! Even smaller dogs have enough energy to run.

Plus, your dog doesn’t mind running in the rain. Just be sure to dry your pet off and take special care with its paws.

Certain weather conditions require special preparation. When going for a run on a hot day, or in humid conditions, make sure to rest your dog and hydrate her often as dogs do not sweat. If you have a flat-faced dog, try to keep the runs short since they are not able to inhale air very easily.


Get on the bike, burn calories, work out those leg muscles, and get your dog the exercise it needs. Cycling is the best when you have a dog bustling with energy. Get your dog to run as you pedal—not only is this an excellent way to work out for your body, it is also great for the dog.

This is one way to tire out both yourself and your energetic dog. If you are worried that your pet might pull too much while you cycle, you can get a Springer. This device keeps the leash attached to the bike and also absorbs most of the pressure of the dog’s tugs.

Stair Climbing

For all those who live in apartments or condos, stair running is an excellent form of exercise. This is best for dog owners living in bigger cities. Your building doesn’t have stairs? No biggie. You can often find long staircases outside.

Simply sprinting up and down the stairs is an excellent exercise for both you and your pet. The vertical element of the stairs works out the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Not to mention it’s great cardio! However, be cautious of tripping each other in narrow stairways.

It is also an excellent way for you and your four-legged heroes to burn off the treats, too.


As unbelievable as this sounds, canines are huge soccer fans. They love running after a ball! When you train them well, they even learn to kick and dribble the ball with their paws and chins. This is particularly true for herding breeds like the Collies, German Shepherds, or Australian Shepherds.

You can shop for specialized soccer-style balls that are custom-made for dogs. These balls are resistant to your dogs’ sharp teeth bites are available in different sizes as well.

Though they may not actually play with points or by the rules, dogs can still get you to sweat it out by keeping that ball away from you and racing each other for control. And, of course, you can play this game anywhere that you find the space (dogs are not too picky about a soccer field).

Not only is this an excellent form of exercise, but it also is a great chance for both of you to bond.

Active Fetch

Fetch can be a game for two! When you take him out to play fetch, why must your canine be the only one to get exercise? As you throw the ball for him to fetch, use the time it takes for him to run after the ball to squeeze in a few crunches, lunges, or squats for yourself.

You need not stand and wait for it to get back. You can set his running as a time tracker and finish x-number of squats in the time it takes for your dog to return. Do this until both of you are panting for breath.


Exercising with your dog is one of the best ways to work out. Not only does it give you both excellent cardiovascular exercise, but you also get to spend that quality time together. This deepens your bond with your pet. There are tons of other things you can do with your canine, as well, so use your daily dog walking time to challenge yourself!

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