Bikram Yoga For Beginners [Hot Yoga]

Give Bikram Yoga a Try

Yoga is one of the most relaxing and soothing practices you can perform that also improves your flexibility. So let’s crank up the heat and make it super sweaty – aka Bikram yoga or also called hot yoga! Check out this post on Bikram Yoga or commonly referred to as hot yoga!

Want to try Bikram yoga / hot yoga a try?

Introduced by Bikram Choudry, Bikram yoga [Hot Yoga] is a variant of Hatha yoga, which incorporates breathing and postures. It is a modernized form of yoga practiced in a 105-degree room, which may be a challenge for most people but if you are from a hot country, it shouldn’t be such a big deal.

However, don’t let a little sweat stop you – sweat is sexy!

But the heat is not the best part…

Anybody, including your grandma can do all 26 poses of Bikram yoga.

Yes, you won’t be able to do them perfectly at first, but you will be encouraged to maintain proper form to make the postures effective. Bikram yoga doesn’t involve the stereotypical twists and turns you see in yoga posters, nor do you have to be super flexible like an elastic band to start.

Bikram Yoga [Hot Yoga] A beginner’s guideWhen I first joined a yoga class, I couldn’t even touch my toes or stand on one leg without collapsing but there were a bunch of old folks who were able to do the postures so perfectly and smoothly that I couldn’t help but wonder how these aged people, with their declining strength and bone density, were able to do all of this.

After a few classes, I was finally able to stand on one leg and after a few more; I could do some of the postures almost perfectly. It goes to show that yoga does require practice and patience but above all, it lets your body adapt to the different forms of stress you apply to it, making you stronger and more flexible.

Bikram yoga is also known to cure a myriad of ailments, from bloating, stomach aches, constipation, lethargy, and migraines to depression, heart disease, cancer, and osteoarthritis. It also empowers you and increases your self-esteem and confidence.

Unlike many other forms of yoga, Bikram yoga is not boring. In a 90 minute class, you have to seamlessly perform all 26 poses with minimum breaks. Note: Bikram yoga does not involve any chanting or meditating.

Before you begin, make sure you…

  • See a doctor. The heat can negatively affect those with cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and those who are prone to dehydration and heatstroke.
  • Are mentally prepared. A Bikram yoga class can be toasty and stuffed with people, so make sure you are aware of how the class is conducted before you begin so that you don’t make a run to the door after first sight.
  • Are physically prepared. Drink plenty of water an hour before your class and stay hydrated. Take small sips during the class but don’t overload yourself with too much fluid to minimize bathroom breaks.
  • Talk to your yoga instructor. Let him know about any past or current injuries or health conditions so that he can provide you with special modifications, if necessary.

During the class

Now that you have finally decided to start, make sure you remember the following points:

  • You can stop at any point during the class if you feel pain. Always listen to your body and don’t try to push through your body’s natural limits. Your body will slowly become more flexible and allow you to do each posture better with time so don’t rush! If you feel too exhausted, lie down into a corpse pose and relax for a few seconds.
  • Pay close attention to how the postures are executed. Proper form is crucial while performing Bikram yoga.
  • Dress accordingly. The class is hot so make sure your clothing is kept to a minimum.

Once the class is complete, ease out, drink some water or an electrolyte-rich beverage, and take a shower to change out of your sweaty clothes.


There you have it, a quick breakdown of Bikram yoga. Thinking about giving hot yoga a try?

Make sure to implement these tips when you go to your first class (or you can try hot yoga at home) and you will look like a Bikram yoga pro!

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