7 Foods That Improve Memory

Improve Your Memory With These Foods

Want to improve your memory? Well, obviously! Check out these diet additions that can have you’re being brainiac-status in no time!

Improve Your Memory: Have a sharp memory?

Before jumping to the topic, let’s discuss human memory. In general, human memory is simply the process of receiving, storing and retrieving the things stored in our brain.

Humans can store nearly limitless information in their brain, but the capacity to recall varies upon each human being.

Some people have a better memory capacity, and some people have less capacity.

How to improve memory?

7 Splendid Foods to Drastically Improve Your MemoryWhether you have a strong memory or weak memory capacity, knowing how to improve memory will be beneficial to you. Here are the ways to improve your memory:

Among these various methods to increase your memory, I will be discussing the diets to increase your memory in this article. So, let’s proceed…

Diets to Improve Your Memory

Diets can have an impact on your memory. The study shows that a healthy diet can drastically improve your memory power, which is the reason you should modify your diet. Here are the 7 foods to improve your memory:

1. Whole grains

Your brain is not involved in physical activities, but it is involved in many stressful activities in your everyday life. To perform all these activities, your brain needs enough energy too. The brain gets its energy to concentrate and focus on glucose from transferring from our blood to the brain.

Brown grains and other whole grains with low-GI will slowly release the glucose required to keep your brain active throughout the day.

2. Eat Fish

Your body requires essential fatty acids. Your body does not automatically produce these essential fatty acids, which is the reason you need to obtain them from the diet.

Fish like tuna, salmon, and others are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA enhances your neuron functions in the brain.

Hence, fish is an important food to add to your diet.

3. Green Vegetables

Many of you might not like green vegetables, but it contains very important nutrients required by your brain. Green vegetables like raw spinach and broccoli are rich in vitamin E and folate.

This helps protect your brain, preventing memory loss.

4. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a very rich source of vitamin E. You can sprinkle sunflower seeds on your salad to get a daily dose of vitamin E required by your brain.

Adding it to your regular diet will increase your memory power.

5. Blueberry

Blueberries contain important nutrients required by your brain for boosting your memory capacity.

The study shows that consumption of blueberries will help prevent and even reverse memory loss due to aging. So, don’t forget to add blueberries to your diet plan.

6. Drink some coffee

I have seen people avoiding coffee and opting for milk or tea. However, coffee has the power to boost your memory power. Furthermore, coffee also has the ability to increase reaction time and the power of reasoning.

We can say that it is good news for coffee lovers.

If you develop the habit of drinking coffee, then you will decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. It is recommended not to give up on coffee if you want to improve your memory power.

7. Peanuts

The final one on the list is peanuts. You can either have peanuts or peanut butter, as both are beneficial for your brain health.

Peanut butter and peanuts are said to be a source of healthy fats, and vitamin E, which is an essential nutrient required by our body.

It enhances your brain function, and in addition to enhancing your brain function, it is equally beneficial for your heart too.


Try these foods and also brain games and exercises to improve your memory power.

You can also try memory-enhancing pills to improve your memory. Geniux is one of the memory-enhancing pills, which has proved to be effective in delivering its promises with good reviews on the internet. It contains important ingredients which help in improving your memory.

Having a sharp memory is essential for everyone, so start boosting your memory and improve your mental health.

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