How to Destress During COVID-19 Social Isolation With Your Partner

How to Destress During COVID-19 Social Isolation With Your Partner

How to Destress During COVID-19 Social Isolation With Your Partner

Social isolation is a whole new experience for all of us dealing with this COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time, we likely have more free time on our hands, but possibly aren’t able to pursue the hobbies and habits we had before.

How to Destress During COVID-19

Even the simplest things, like going out for dinner, have been disrupted. If you are stuck inside with a partner, these challenges can build up stress until you are at your breaking point.

How can we destress during COVID-19 social isolation? How can we help our partner to do the same?

How to Destress During Social Isolation

Just a few months ago, when we were at work we probably couldn’t wait to leave, go home, and relax. Now that we are being confined to our homes to stop the spread of COVID-19, though, we are anxious for the time that we will safely be able to leave our homes.

How to Destress During COVID-19 Social Isolation With Your PartnerOn top of possibly going stir crazy, there are plenty of anxieties of life that may come up. Perhaps we are now unemployed or dealing with a change in employment.

The hassle of applying for state or federal assistance, the uncertainty of our financial situation, and figuring out how to conserve and get by on less can make everyday life a stressor. We might have family members or friends who are fighting the disease now, and we worry about how they will fare. How can we manage our stress?

The answer to battling stress is going to vary from person to person. Ultimately, the key is focusing on self-care, controlling the things we can control, and learning to not worry about the things out of our control.

Some common techniques for managing stress through self-care include pampering yourself – to a reasonable degree – with the things you love. Treat yourself to your favorite meal, give yourself a spa treatment at home, schedule yourself a day off from chores and just unwind.

It can be easy to feel like everything is out of control, so controlling what we can control helps us to feel like our lives are managed. Keep to a routine, redecorate your room, find enjoyable projects to focus your attention on.

There are plenty of things out of our control. None of us can, on our own, stop the virus in its tracks. So stop worrying about it! Do what you can, and focus your attention elsewhere

Helping a Partner to Destress

These same principles that help us can be applied to our partners. Find what would help them relax, and do whatever you can to put their mind at rest. Large amounts of stress and anxiety can lead to unpleasant behavior from your spouse and they could start showing signs of disrespect. Click here to get more information.

Give them a day off, where you handle any chores that need to be done. If they need some time alone, don’t take it personally. Let them have their space, and be there for them when they get back. Do you need space, but don’t want your partner to take it personally?

Calmly explain that sometimes a little time alone helps you to unwind, destress, and relax from the anxieties of social isolation.


When alone time is done, though, be sure that you support one another.

Support, comfort, and a peaceful environment is the only way we can get through social isolation together.

How to Destress During COVID-19 Social Isolation With Your Partner