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From the Founder: Selling Yourself…

Why Your Goals Aren’t Big Enough The problem many people have with goals, is that they truly aren’t big enough. They set a lot of small, little goals and don’t reach those, so they figure why set grandiose goals?

From the Founder: 10 Minute…

10 Minute Goals Those big, super scary goals, whether that’s losing 20 pounds (which is a big friggin’ goal), reading your book every night instead of watching 4 episodes of The Blacklist (amazing show), or working towards another career, why

From the Founder: Fitness Focus

Finding Fitness Focus The non-stop texts… Changing up your jams… Taking 15 mins to chat with your workout bro… How many times have you “killed” a workout for an hour but felt like you hadn’t actually pushed yourself? It happens

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