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Why You Need To Train Glutes

Why You Need To Train Glutes

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Why You Need to Train Glutes

It’s not uncommon that glutes are overlooked when creating a program. Often, people focus on the more well-known leg muscles like the quadriceps and hamstrings. However, just about everyone should be working on improving their glutes—all of them. Many people overlook their glutes and how much they function in everyday life (especially in postural imbalances and preventing back pain). Glutes should be a priority for strengthening and making sure they activate properly when needed.

Part of the issue is that most people believe that the glutes are simply their bum cheeks—and they are! But you also have glutes on the side of your hips (medius and minimus). In order to improve the function of your glutes as a whole, you need to strengthen all of them and ensure they work together.

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The Posture Correction; Stopping the Pain

The Posture Correction; Stopping the Pain

Posture Correction Featured

Posture Correction: Reduce Your Back Pain

Have you had or currently have back pain? More than 80% of us will experience back pain sometimes in our adult lives and holy crap does it hurt. One of the big culprits is our terrible posture. We need some serious posture correction.

Look at yourself, right now. I bet you are either leaning forward in your chair to read this article or you are nose deep in your phone. Either way your body isn’t in the best position right now; Hell mines not….and I’m writing an article on posture correction. Well let’s correct that. It’s time for posture correction. Let’s end our nagging back issues. Let’s dive in on some serious posture correction!

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