Affordable Neighborhoods Around LA

Affordable Neighborhoods Around LA

Affordable Neighborhoods Around Los Angeles

If there’s one thing that’s nationally known about Los Angeles: it’s how expensive it is.  Homes here sell for over a million dollars every day, and many properties are smaller than places you could buy for less than two hundred thousand dollars elsewhere.

Affordable Neighborhoods Around LA

If you’re moving from another city, you may be wondering where are the best san leandro apartments in California? If you don’t want to spend a million on a one-bedroom home: these are the neighborhoods you should consider!


Average home value: $160,000.

Average household income: $50,000.

This is one of the most recognizable neighborhoods in LA.  It is perfectly placed, not too far from the city but close enough to use for work, it has a lot of personalities.  You can enjoy being closer to open clean air, and tons of walking and hiking trails, without the need to drive out of your way to reach them.

La Puente

Average home value: $285,000.

Average household income: $54,000.

La Puente is a tiny suburb of LA that’s in the downtown area.  This is a very busy part of the city and has a lot of noise most hours of the day.  Traffic can be rough getting to and from work, but many turn to public transit since you’re in the city since it’s reliable and easy to access.

Affordable Neighborhoods Around LAThe income is so low compared to the median home value, making it so that most rent Los Angeles apartments instead of trying to buy a home here.


Average home value: $208,000.

Average household income: $38,300.

Just outside of the city, this younger part of town is also more populated with younger people.  The average person who lives here isn’t 30 yet and puts a lot of time into their career since it’s still starting.  Most households have four or more people in them, and a large part of that is due to space sharing and roommate situations.


Average home value: $295,000.

Average household income: $72,235.

This fantastic suburb of Los Angeles is twenty minutes from downtown and less than fifteen minutes from LAX.  There are plenty of amenities here for everyone who loves sports and movies and easy access to rideshare services so that you can get in and out of the city whenever you want.

Unfortunately, the average person in Carson spends 32% of their income on housing, so it’s not affordable for everyone.


Average home value: $350,000.

Average household income: $166,000.

This is the most expensive neighborhood on this list, and a lot of it is due to the people who live there.  This is the top neighborhood for those working in technology and media and has easy access to plenty of fun perks like golf and the Palmdale Amphitheater.

Although the average resident here only spends 24% of their income on housing, it’s still an expensive place to live, and it’s not advised that you buy or rent here without a roommate or romantic partner to help cover the bills.


Los Angeles is very expensive, but like most cities, it has more affordable areas.  Shop around, and you may find a great home within your budget.

Affordable Neighborhoods Around LA