How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

how to start a healthy lifestyle

Living a Healthy Lifestyle Guide

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always the easiest thing. Sometimes, it becomes really very difficult for you to adjust to if the area you live in doesn’t have the best facilities. We are constantly tempted with activities like eating out with our friends, happy hours, and honestly sometimes skipping the gym sounds much better than actually going.

Living a healthy lifestyle in these cities…

Our “healthiness” also is affected by where we live. Some cities have more gyms than others, some have healthier restaurant options, and some frankly just promote a healthier lifestyle than others.

Life Storage recently released a new study, looking at the best cities for health nuts and you probably won’t be too surprised by the findings.

They did this by collecting data from Yelp and ranking the cities that had the most (and least) options for those who care about health.

They ranked based on the availability of nutritionists, gyms, hiking trails and parks, healthy eating options, vegan/vegetarian restaurants, farmer’s markets, and juice bars.

Top Cities for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

So overall, the top three cities for health nuts according to the study are Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. And the worst three cities are Birmingham, AL, Hartford, CT, and Providence, RI.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle Might Be Easier if You Live In These Cities Starting TodayBut don’t worry if your city isn’t in the top three. All the cities can never be in that category. They also broke down the top cities by category.

Philadelphia and Atlanta make it into the top for the best cities for gym-goers. Here, there is a lot of lacking in the options regarding top-quality restaurants and hotels.

With respect to the Seattle and San Jose make it into the top five cities with the most hiking trails and parks. And Miami and Houston are in the top five cities with the healthiest eating options.

These cities are really rich in world-class restaurants and food centers.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle In Other Areas

If living a healthy lifestyle is truly important to you, you can find a way to live healthy no matter what city you live in.

Maybe you have to drive a little farther to the gym or not have as many healthy restaurant options, but don’t let that stop you from being a health nut!

On the contrary, if you once develop a healthy lifestyle full of all the luxuries of the modern era, it will really become almost impossible for you to live in a small city devoid of all the said luxuries.

These small cities often lack the latest technology being used in the means of communication and transportation, health and education sector, sanitary department, etc.


On top of all the above, the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle in a big city is the balanced approach it offers towards the various walks of life.

This is a broad-day reality that no city can be perfect in all aspects. So, the more balanced approach a city presents to its citizens towards their healthy lifestyle, the easier it becomes to live in this city and vise versa.

In short, a big city with a wealth of the latest facilities makes it much easier to live in it with your healthy lifestyle.

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle