How Does ADHD Impact One’s Adult Life?

How Does ADHD Impact One's Adult Life

How Does ADHD Impact Your Life?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has become a growing concern over the last few decades. According to a CDC study, this chronic disorder affects more than 6 million kids in the United States. However, ADHD isn’t just a problem that affects children – it’s estimated that more than 2.8% of the world’s adult population suffers from this debilitating disorder. Sadly, these statistics keep on rising.

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Scientists still don’t understand what exactly causes ADHD. However, they suspect that this disorder might be triggered by a variety of factors such as genetic makeup, brain damage, and the environment. ADHD is classified as a neurodevelopmental disorder that can lead to substance abuse if left untreated.

Here are 4 ways in which ADHD can impact one’s life in adulthood.

1. It may lead to addiction

ADHD can go undiagnosed for quite a long time. In fact, about 80% of adults living with this disorder don’t even know they have it. Recent studies have established a strong link between ADHD and substance abuse.

Teenagers and young adults who suffer from ADHD have a significantly higher likelihood of getting addicted to alcohol or drugs. This surprising finding could be explained by the fact that ADHD patients are relatively more impulsive and they take more risks than people without this condition.

ADHD in adulthood can be treated through an assortment of methods which include psychotherapy, regular exercise, and certain corrective medications.

2. It may cause anxiety

How Does ADHD Impact One's Adult LifeAre you constantly worried about what the future holds? One major symptom of ADHD in adulthood is having an anxiety disorder. It’s estimated that half of all adults suffering from ADHD struggle with anxiety. They’re often on edge and may even experience frequent panic attacks.

It’s quite normal to feel stressed out occasionally. But when stress and anxiety start affecting your life negatively, then it may help to visit your doctor and get the issue checked out. You can get your ADHD treated to ease anxiety.

3. ADHD can cause relationship problems

Adults who suffer from ADHD often struggle to communicate effectively. Their risky nature tends to hurt those close to them. In addition, these individuals may be forgetful and unfocused. These undesirable traits are bound to cause a myriad of issues in any romantic relationship. Couples may argue constantly if one partner has ADHD.

However, people living with this disorder can still get effective treatment options to alleviate these negative symptoms and potentially save their relationships.

4. It may trigger insomnia

If you continually find it hard to fall asleep at night, then ADHD might be the root cause. This condition increases your risk of snoring and developing sleep apnea.

In addition, most patients with ADHD also suffer from restless legs syndrome, a condition that prompts people to move/fidget their legs during rest. Doctors recommend getting at least seven hours of peaceful sleep every night to maintain normal body function.

Sadly, ADHD can offset your body’s natural circadian rhythm and prevent you from getting optimal sleep.


Adults living with ADHD can seek treatment from a specialized physician to manage their symptoms and eventually get better.

How Does ADHD Impact One\'s Adult Life?