How Effective is Cryolipolysis?

How Effective is Cryolipolysis

Understanding Cryolipolysis

Medical spas have risen in popularity over the last few years. This is partly because they offer a relaxing atmosphere for clients to receive medical treatments that would normally take place in a doctor’s office. It is also partly because people have become more image-conscious and take care of their bodies with exercise and diet.

What is Cryolipolysis?

One of the more popular treatments that are carried out in a medspa is cryolipolysis. This is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure to remove fat. You may have heard the term CoolSculpting and these two names refer to the same procedure.

The cells in your body can cope with cold temperatures however fat cells are particularly susceptible.

Cryolipolysis works by freezing the fat cells under the skin which then die off. Over time the cells are destroyed by the body leaving the patient with an improved and more toned appearance.

How effective is this treatment?

Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting is very effective at reducing fat cells without the need for any surgery. The treatment can be used to remove fat from many areas of the body and very few side effects.

Other methods of fat removal such as liposuction are very invasive and can produce quite a few unwanted side effects.

Like many procedures to be fully effective the person undergoing the procedure will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to get the most out of it.

It also may not be suitable for some people and proper consultation with a professional should take place before undergoing cryolipolysis as it should before any medical procedure.

How Effective is Cryolipolysis Find outIs cryolipolysis safe?

Cryolipolysis is an FDA-approved method of removing fat and can be considered a safe treatment. There are of course possible side effects just as there are in any medical procedure.

While the treatment takes place the cold temperatures will numb the regions being treated and some patients say that they get a cooling sensation and some also have reported feeling sore after the procedure.

There is no damage caused to tissue or skin so there is no real recovery time however some people have reported side effects.

Less than 1% have reported undesired effects after cryolipolysis which include having less sensation in the treated areas than before.

Other side effects can include swelling, bruising, sensitivity, and redness. Also, it should be noted that cryolipolysis cannot tighten the skin so some people may be left with loose skin after several treatments.

Is it permanent?

Yes and no. Cryolipolysis will destroy the fat cells in the treated areas and those cells cannot return. However, the treatment cannot stop the body from generating new fat cells. If the person being treated leads an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle then new fat cells will be grown and the fat will return.

Although cryolipolysis is an effective method of reducing fat it should not be seen as an alternative to eating a healthy diet and exercising.

What areas of the body can cryolipolysis work for?

CoolSculpting can be the answer to removing stubborn areas of fat without the need for surgery.

The areas generally treated with this technique are the abdomen or belly fat, hips, thighs, love handles, lower buttocks, upper arms, back, knees, and double chins.

Do you have to have more than one session?

It may be that a person will only need one session of CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis. The treatment can reduce the fat cells in a given area by up to 20% which will make a big impact on how your body looks. It can reduce stubborn bulges that exercise and diet have failed to.

Every person is different and it is not easy to gauge how many sessions may be needed but it would depend partly on how much the person weighed. If someone was around 20-30 pounds away from their ideal weight then it is quite possible only one or a maximum of two sessions would be needed.

If there was a particularly stubborn area of fat then 2-3 sessions may be needed. It is important however to wait between sessions.

How long does it take to recover from cryolipolysis?

After the treatment has finished the frozen fat cells will begin to liquefy. The body will then take some time to destroy them. The results of the procedure will start to show in the patient in around 6-12 weeks’ time.

The person who has had the treatment will very often be keen to return for a second session but there is a recovery time.

Because it can take up to 3 months to show the effects there is a risk of a person being impatient and wanting to get another treatment before the effects are even fully showing. By returning too early you could end up just re-freezing cells that are already dead from the previous session.

The minimum time that is recommended between sessions is 1 month but many practitioners will recommend you wait a full 4 months between each treatment.

How do you find a reputable practitioner?

First search your area for clinics that perform CoolSculpting. Checking Google for NJ Center for CoolSculpting for instance will show clinics in New Jersey.

Then approach your chosen clinic and ask to see before and after pictures and testimonials. Be aware of any clinic that quotes you a price before completing the mapping process.

Ask how many sessions you require and if you are on a budget it may be wise to wait as it may not be a good idea to treat your body parts if the clinic recommends multiple sessions. Look for reviews online and make sure the practitioner is willing to answer all your questions.

If you are at all unhappy then walk away and look for another clinic.


CoolSculpting is an effective way to break down and kill fat cells. It can remove up to 20-25% of fat cells in a treated area but should only be used as part of a solution to change your body shape along with living a healthy lifestyle.

The effects are indeed permanent but that doesn’t mean you cannot replace the fat later if you eat badly or choose to be inactive.

By using a good clinic and being within the recommended weight range you may only need one session to get the results you are looking for.

How Effective is Cryolipolysis?