Is DoFasting Legit? Complete Guide for 2024

Is DoFasting legit?

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Are you tired of fad diets that promise the world but fail to deliver? Have you heard about DoFasting and wondered if it’s just another scam?

Well, fear not my friend, because we’ve got the scoop on whether or not DoFasting is legit.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of intermittent fasting, examine the claims of DoFasting, and give you the honest truth about whether or not this program can help you accomplish your health and fitness goals.

With that said, let’s get started.

What is DoFasting?

What is DoFasting?

If you’re looking for a new way to boost your health and lose weight, you might have heard of DoFasting. But what exactly is it?

DoFasting is an online program that combines intermittent fasting with personalized meal plans and workout routines to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

This program offers different levels of fasting, from beginner to advanced, to cater to your individual needs and preferences. You’ll also get access to a mobile app that tracks your progress, offers support, and provides daily motivation to keep you on track.

DoFasting claims that by following their program, you’ll not only lose weight but also improve your mental clarity, reduce inflammation, and boost your immune system.

So, if you’re ready to give intermittent fasting a try and want a program that offers customized meal plans and workout routines, DoFasting might be worth checking out.

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How DoFasting Works

How DoFasting Works

Here are the steps on how DoFasting works:

  • Choose Your Level: DoFasting offers different levels of fasting to cater to your individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced faster, there’s a level for you.
  • Personalized Meal Plan: Once you’ve chosen your level, you’ll get access to a personalized meal plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals. This meal plan includes delicious and healthy recipes that are easy to prepare.
  • Intermittent Fasting: The core of the DoFasting program is intermittent fasting. This means that you’ll be eating all your meals within a certain window of time each day. This helps your body burn fat more efficiently and improves your overall health.
  • Workout Routines: To complement your fasting and meal plan, DoFasting also provides you with customized workout routines. These routines are designed to help you build muscle, boost your metabolism, and increase your overall fitness level.
  • Support and Motivation: Finally, DoFasting offers support and motivation to help you stay on track. You’ll get access to a mobile app that tracks your progress, provides daily motivation, and allows you to connect with other members of the DoFasting community.

DoFasting Pricing

DoFasting offers several pricing plans to suit your budget and needs.

The standard plan is $9.99 per month, and it includes access to personalized meal plans, workout routines, and support from the DoFasting community.

The premium plan costs $19.99 per month and includes everything in the standard plan, plus additional features such as custom fasting schedules and one-on-one coaching sessions with a DoFasting expert.

They also offer a one-time payment option of $99 for a full year of access to the program. With flexible pricing and multiple plans to choose from, DoFasting makes it easy to find a plan that fits your budget and goals.

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Is DoFasting Legit?

DoFasting is a legit program that combines personalized meal plans, intermittent fasting, and workout routines to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

The program is backed by scientific research on the benefits of intermittent fasting, and the meal plans are designed by nutrition experts. Plus, the mobile app provides support and motivation to help you stay on track.

While individual results may vary, many users have reported success with the program.

Of course, it’s always important to consult with your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise program. But overall, DoFasting is a legitimate and effective way to improve your health and wellness.

DoFasting Customer Rating

DoFasting Customer Reviews

According to customer reviews, DoFasting has a solid reputation and high customer satisfaction. On Trustpilot, a popular customer review platform, DoFasting has a 4.3-star rating based on 2,113 reviews, which is an impressive rating for a health and wellness program.

Customers have praised the personalized meal plans, the effectiveness of the fasting program, and the support and motivation provided by the mobile app.

While some users have reported difficulty with the fasting schedule or have experienced slower results than expected, the majority of reviews are positive.

Positive Reviews

Here are some positive reviews of DoFasting app:

“I love this app!! I’ve used other apps to track. This one is so easy to use and I love the messages. I also love that it tells you what stage of fasting you are in according to how long you have been fasting. 5 stars for sure!!” – Kris Nauman from the US.

“I am new to fasting. I am not yet completely comfortable with the app but getting there. I will continue to use it as I feel good about fasting and your app. Your app does make it easy to follow with fasting. I have lost several pounds so far and I feel good.” – Joann Robertson from the US.

Based on these reviews, customers appreciate the user-friendly design of the DoFasting app and the motivational messages it provides. They also like that the app tracks their fasting progress and provides guidance on what stage of fasting they are in.

Moreover, the personalized meal plans and support from the DoFasting community have helped users feel comfortable and confident with fasting. Customers have reported positive results such as weight loss and improved overall health.

Negative Reviews

On the flip side, here are some positive reviews of DoFasting app:

“It is difficult to log foods when the only measurements are in G instead of oz, cups, TSP,TBSP etc. I also wish there was a place to enter exercise other than steps. Food logging is often difficult to determine the actual calories and other macros. I tried to install the Apple Watch app, and was not successful. This app needs some work, but i will continue to use it in hopes of improvements in the listed areas.” – Randall Noel from the US.

“This is not what I thought it would be. I was under the impression it was going to be a taylor made plan with a recommended fasting period specific for my age etc. However, it’s just a tracking app and no “plan” as advertised. I have a free one all ready. That being said, the customer service was excellent and I was refunded my purchase.” – Unknown customer from the US.

Based on these reviews, customers have reported difficulties with the app’s food logging feature, specifically with the measurement units used and the ability to log exercise other than steps.

Some users have also expressed frustration with the program not meeting their expectations in terms of a personalized plan. Moreover, there have been technical issues reported with the Apple Watch app.

However, despite these issues, many customers have continued to use the app in hopes of future improvements. It’s worth noting that the customer service team has been praised for their responsiveness and willingness to issue refunds when necessary.


Based on customer reviews and the scientific research behind intermittent fasting, it’s safe to say that DoFasting is a legitimate and effective program for improving your health and fitness. Despite some minor issues, the majority of users have reported positive results and satisfaction with the program.

We highly recommend DoFasting for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to give DoFasting a try and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today!

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