Why It is a Must to Have a Balanced Immune System

Why It is a Must to Have a Balanced Immune System

It is a Must to Have a Balanced Immune System

Are you getting stressed more frequently? Are you getting cold even when it’s not cold outside? Always feeling tired even after a good night’s sleep? The wounds you get are not healing easily and do you have stomach problems?

To Have a Balanced Immune System

These are some of the symptoms of a low/imbalanced immune system. And If your answers were yes to all of these points, you have to worry about balancing your immune system. [Note: Be sure to consult your physician first.]

Immune system and how it works

Our immune system, the compound network of organs and cells, is the natural defense, the natural barrier that protects our organism from viruses, parasites, and different bacteria. These “invaders” can be everywhere around us.

So how does the immune system work and how does it protect us? When an external body (called an antigen) enters our organism, our immune system recognizes it and fights against it to clear out. It is usually done without us knowing.

Meanwhile, antibodies are produced and stay there for the next possible “invasion” by the same pathogen. This is how the vaccination works. A person gets the antigen unnaturally, in a way he doesn’t feel so ill but instead will have the antibodies to be protected from the next probable attacks by the same germ/virus. And this whole process is called the immune system function.

In case you want more details, Immunity can be Natural and Artificial. Natural immunity can be Innate and Adaptive and the artificial type can be Active and Passive.

Imbalance of immune system

Although the immune system always works to protect us from foreign bodies, sometimes it happens to not function well. The malfunction of it is called imbalance or disorder. There are two types of immune imbalance; overactive and underactive.

In both cases the problem is one; they can lead to many serious autoimmune disorders and health problems. When the immune system is overactive, it can’t distinguish your healthy cells and the pathogens, hence making complications for your organism.

Why It is a Must to Have a Balanced Immune SystemIn other words, it works against you and not for you. The hyperactive immune system usually leads to autoimmune disorders like Type 1 diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis, and others.

Though doctors worldwide have not yet found out the real cause of these disorders, still there are many solutions to them. In any case, a person with such disorders surely needs autoimmune disease treatment to escape further complications.

Whereas the underactive type recognizes the pathogens but is not strong enough to protect you fully and thus makes you ill. People who have such an immune deficiency are frequently getting sick. They are more likely to get severe infections and recover much later and harder than usual.

The conditions a low immune system can lead to are bronchitis, meningitis, pneumonia, and various skin infections. But there are people who have such an imbalance immune system from birth. This is called Primary Immune Deficiency.

How to balance the immune system?

Now that we have learned how important it is to have a balanced immune system, it’s time to know how to make it function properly, finding the balance.

People usually want to raise and improve their immune systems when they’re ill. They start eating fruits, vegetables, go for a fresh walk, etc. But doing these things only while there is a health problem, isn’t the right way.

You can have a result but it will be short-term. The point is to always keep that lifestyle and get your immune system balanced and stronger. To achieve it, consider these essential tips we offer you.

First of all, eat healthily. The food people mostly eat today is not only unhealthy but can be seriously dangerous. All the processed food and the carbonated drinks that are mostly used today, are the worst you can offer your immune system.

Instead, you should include all the types of vegetables, fruits, legumes, healthy proteins, and also fats in your daily meal. The optimal amount of these essential nutrients will give energy and strength to a balanced immune system.

Take supplements

There is a misleading opinion towards supplements’ efficiency assuming that they are not giving any results. The fact is, that they’ll not give a result while you are ill, but if you take them constantly, at least a course according to the exact product, you’ll have a high result.

The supplements must be natural and high quality, with no artificial colorings or adding. Such supplements you can find here.

Exercise daily

As you know, movement is life. And when you move and exercise, your body “starts to live”. It increases blood circulation, betters metabolism, helps the body to get rid of toxins, and also helps immune cells to flow throughout the body.

Exercising also enrichens energy and keeps you fresh. Just find 10-30 minutes every day on exercising and you’ll see the real changes after a while in your immune health.

Sleep well at night

Basically, an average man sleeps one-third of their life. This fact is shocking, but if we think well, it wouldn’t be so if the night’s sleep was not so essential.

Our organisms wouldn’t have been “made” so, to sleep a good night’s sleep. It’s true there are people who are born the way they can easily live sleeping 3-6 hours without ever complaining of any health problem. But they are not many, and if you’re not one of them, you should start considering and improving your sleep.

Six to eight hours of night’s sleep is perfect for most people. Firstly, It will balance your immune system, will help you stay fresh and not get sick so often, it will boost your energy and improve your health.

Relieve stress

It may seem strange, but the stressful situations in our life weaken and disorder our immune system. The more we get stressed, the more we get weaker and weaker. It’s because the stress hormone called cortisol levels up and damages immune cells, which in turn imbalance your immunity.

Besides good sleeping habits and exercise, the best methods for relieving stress are meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, spending time in nature, and many others.


Now, you know how it is essential to have a balanced immune system. How to get it balanced or how to prevent your immune system disorder is mainly up to you. Your healthy life is mostly in your hands. Consider it and take care of yourself!

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Why It is a Must to Have a Balanced Immune System