5 Luxury Gadgets For Your Kitchen

5 Luxury Gadgets For Your Kitchen

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Luxury Gadgets For Your Kitchen

Having a dream kitchen is about more than just aesthetics; it should also function well for your needs. Ready to get started?

Gadgets for your kitchen

If you are working on a kitchen remodel, talk to your interior designer to find out what’s new and trending in the world of high-end kitchen design.

After all, it may be easier to incorporate upscale gadgets into the design rather than retrofitting them into your existing space. These five luxury gadgets may be perfect for your new kitchen.

Belly Up to the Bar

Dedicate an area in your kitchen for beverage service by including devices that speak to your tastes. For example, if you are a coffee connoisseur, you may want to treat yourself to a top-of-the-line coffee station, including a cappuccino or espresso maker, coffee grinder, and milk frother.

If wine is more your passion, add a wine fridge or, better yet, install a wine dispenser, a system with up to four wines temperature-controlled and on tap, like you may see at your favorite wine bar.

From the Top Drawer

Malibu interior designers know a thing or two about the latest in drawer appliances and can advise you about your options. Dishwasher drawers have been around for a while, but they do offer convenience without taking up too much room.

Top 5 Luxury Gadgets For Your KitchenRefrigerators, microwaves, and warmers are also available in drawer form and add to the sleek appeal of a luxury kitchen.

In Hot Water

Who has time to wait for the water to boil? With a hot water dispenser, you can have hot water instantly whenever you need it. Look for faucets that include a hot water fixture or a separate faucet dedicated to purified hot water.

Another popular water feature in custom kitchens created by interior design firms Santa Monica is a pot filler that is plumbed and mounted on a wall near your stovetop. It makes filling large stock pots a breeze and saves you from spilling water on the floor.

Blend It Together

No kitchen would be complete without a blender, and you can research the top brands to find a versatile unit with enough power to crush ice, perfectly blend a smoothie, and puree soups or nut butter.

With hot and cold capability, a blender may be your best investment, coming in handy more than you anticipated.

In the Mix

A professional-quality stand mixer in the latest finish is another must-have small appliance to complete every posh kitchen design.

The most popular brands have unique attachments, such as a pasta maker, juicer, meat grinder, food processor, and even a spiralizer. These appliances can take up precious space, but not to worry.

An appliance lift shelf can hide it away in a cabinet and allow you to lift it up to counter height whenever you want to use it.


Imagine how much you can enjoy cooking in your custom kitchen when you treat yourself to some of these specialty kitchen tools.

Talk to your interior designer about including an appliance garage in your kitchen to stow some of these luxury gadgets out of sight.

That way you can easily access them when you want but tuck them away when not in use.

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5 Luxury Gadgets For Your Kitchen