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How Long do Kitchen Pantry Essentials Last?

Outsourcing our cooking has become commonplace: We drive-through, sit down, or eat on the run. But all of that is leading us to unhealthy habits at home, including empty pantries, or food stores that are chock full of processed products and ingredients. There’s a better way—a kitchen pantry essentials overhaul.

Stock only the best

A pantry overhaul involves a number of steps, all of them to ensure that what you’re eating and cooking with at home is the healthiest and freshest and that the things you choose to buy are able to reach their shelf lifespan even if you don’t cook with them or eat them right away.

For starters, looking at your pantry’s condition—its temperature, cleanliness, and storage methods—is essential.

Pantry Power: Optimal Pantry Conditions

That’s the best way to ensure a kitchen storage space that you use again and again. Different types of goods are stored in a pantry, and those goods each have their own specific storage requirements and expiration dates.

Dry goods—things such as flour, beans, lentils, pasta, and oats—are often used as cooking building blocks. Dry herbs, spices, and seasonings add flavor to dishes, but they too have their own storage recommendations and length of use.

Probably one of the touchiest things to store are oils, nuts, and seeds; their requirements point to the importance of good pantry prep in building a healthier-for-you kitchen. And by reviewing all the different storage requirements, it’s easy to realize how complex our pantry storage is, including liquids such as vinegar and broths, and canned goods including soups and vegetable products.

Finally, there are a few fresh, or non preserved, items that are stored in a pantry: root vegetables.

Onions, garlic, shallots, and potatoes are all semi-perishable items that will last longer for your cooking and eating needs once you optimize your pantry. Here are some kitchen pantry essentials:

Kitchen Pantry Essentials


When it comes to kitchen pantry essentials it’s all about storing things properly and watching those expiration dates!

You do that and you will be good to go and have a well-stocked pantry, full of nothing but the best kitchen pantry essentials!

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