Athletic Wear for Active Women: From Socks to Headbands

Athletic Wear for Active Women From Socks to Headbands

Athletic Wear for Active Women

If you love to work out and look your best, you don’t have to break a sweat finding the right gear. Active women are spoiled for choice and can deck themselves out from head to toe in stylish athletic wear.

Athletic Wear for Active Women

This article explores some of the latest trends and offers top tips from socks to headbands, and everything in between when it comes to athletic wear for active women.

Functional Fitness Trends

While exercising, you need functional clothes that add value to your workout. Each item you put on should be fit for purpose. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable too, so keep an eye out for these.

The latest gym and sportswear trends tick both of these with functional fitness gear that offers a hassle-free workout. Think about leggings with pockets for a hands-free training session, or a pouch to keep your phone or car keys if you’re training outdoors.

Look out for smart textiles that are light and breathable to keep you comfortable. The latest gear is body-friendly, moisture-wicking, and innovative.

Fabrics are now environmentally aligned with natural fibers like bamboo or ‘Tenacity and Cellulose’, Tencel for short, made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. Some brands also add silver metal to garments, which acts as an antimicrobial to prevent odors.

Athletic Wear for Active Women From Socks to Headbands FashionTime and Terrain

Consider the terrain and season where you’ll be training to help select the ultimate in functional gear. Opt for layers in winter, ideally with a hoodie too, so that you can peel off a top and uncover your head if you need to.

A fold-away lightweight jacket or outer ‘shell’ option is perfect in wet and cold conditions. You can easily take it off during a session and re-access it when you need to stay warm post-workout

If you’re training outdoors at dusk or dawn, ensure that you wear a very bright color with reflexive strips added onto your kit so that you’re always visible.

Essential Active Items


Let’s start with the first layer against your body. One of the must-haves is a good-fitting sports bra. Lacy underwear isn’t ideal for a workout.

You need support, depending on the type of training and the level of impact. Select one that has a snug fit to prevent bouncing and chafing.

Your Feet

Your shoes are equally important, and you should opt for a comfortable fit that wraps around your foot without pinching it. Cross trainers are suitable for general workouts in the gym.

Other sports will require a lightweight but well-cushioned underfoot option, especially if you’re running or doing high-impact workouts.

Pick a pair of socks in a moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet cool and dry. It shouldn’t be too thick as that’ll impact the fit of your shoe. Ideally, a thinner and ergonomically shaped left and right foot design will guarantee a blister-free training day.

When it comes to clubs, groups, and team sports, signature socks are a fantastic way to brand your side. Girls that are into sports like soccer, baseball & basketball can now choose from a wide range of cotton & nylon knee-length team socks in attractive designs.

There are long football socks and basketball socks for women in every size and material. It can be customized with a team logo and colors. You can go for longer knee-length ones in a vibrant and eye-catching color to stand out from your opponents.

Draw some inspiration from custom basketball socks at the Elite Sport Socks and then design your own with your logo, a quirky quote, or a funky image of the team mascot.


Headbands don’t only keep your hair dry, in place, and sweat off your brow. It’s another opportunity to express your style and wear a trendy, fit-for-a-purpose fashion item.

It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose and fall off during training. That’ll be irritating, so find one that can stretch around your head comfortably.


The latest in fashion and function blend beautifully when it comes to activewear for athletic women. There are plenty to pick from following the latest trends.

While it’s good to keep stylish while working up a sweat, you should consider the type of exercise and what works best for you. Innovation in fabrics offers natural options with added benefits to the environment.

Consider every layer, from undergarments, down to your feet, and up to your head when making your choices. Think of the season and terrain, too, to ensure you’re comfortable and kitted out in a training outfit that enhances your style.

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Athletic Wear for Active Women: From Socks to Headbands