On the Road: Easy Ways to Stay Healthy and Energized

energized on the road

Stay Healthy and Energized On the Road

Once you know you are hitting the road for a work trip, you need to start preparing. These preparations can be overwhelming and take a significant toll on our health and well-being.

Energized on the road

Here are a few simple tips to help you stay energized – both physically and mentally – while working on the road.

Stay hydrated

When working on the road, there is a tendency to drink a lot of coffee. But, it’s crucial to drink plenty of water to help you stay alert and focused.

This becomes more important as you get busier because of sweating as the pressure and temperature rises as you travel from site to site. No matter the weather conditions, try to drink at least two liters of water a day.

Stay Healthy and Energized On the Road TodayYou can bring your bottled water or carry an empty bottle to refill once you find a great place to refill.

Have Small Breaks

Regardless of how busy you are or how busy your tradeshow displays are, make sure to take a break. Take the time to walk to stretch your legs.

This will ease your stress level, and the break will boost your energy level.

Choose Healthy Foods

Maintaining a high level of energy also means you will need to eat sometime while on the road.

Being on the road is notorious for fast food. If possible, try and opt for healthier food choices such as juice, a piece of fruit, or a yogurt smoothie. Better yet, you could always bring snacks or a packet of mixed nuts.

If presented with a vast array of food from the lunch buffet, try and only select vegetables, salads, and meat. Avoid too many carbohydrates, such as pasta, bread, or cakes.

It is essential to eat foods that will leave you energized to run the rest of your day. Also, make sure you have a travel toothbrush or mints for afterward.

Choose Shoes Wisely

Always choose appropriate footwear that will be comfortable throughout your time on the road. The right kind of shoes should have excellent arch support and rubber soles.

If you feel that you need new shoes, purchase them well before the trip and get used to them. Just be sure to buy a style that supports your foot correctly.

Get a Workout

The best time to work out is in the morning, before heading on the road.

You will feel more focused, energized, and ready for the day ahead. At your hotel, it might not be possible to exercise as the fitness center might be overcrowded or you may not get the time.

Otherwise, you can bring some portable gym equipment from home, maybe a skipping rope or resistance bands. Or try and get to the gym during any free time you have or during your lunch break.


Following the above tips will ensure your energy levels are up while working on the road, as well as keep you motivated to maximize your career.

On the Road: Easy Ways to Stay Healthy and Energized