Top Reasons to Drink Mineral Water

top reasons to drink mineral water

Drink Mineral Water

Water can be of many different types like alkaline, mineral, reverse osmosis, distilled, spring… etc. All of this poses the simple question of how could something as simple as water have so many types. Actually, the process that water is subjected to leads to its classification. In mineral water, the elements present in the water combined with the source are of importance.

Why you should drink mineral water

Here’s the definition of mineral water: as per the FDA guidelines, mineral water is derived from a protected subterranean source and contains 250 parts per million dissolved solids.

Anything less, even if originating from the same source, would be spring water. The dissolved solids are naturally occurring minerals like silica, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium… etc.

Mineral water isn’t a new discovery. In fact, it has been around and used for centuries because of the numerous health benefits linked to its use.

It was such a prized possession that people traveled long distances to bathe and drink the nutrient-enriched water at its source. In our contemporary times, mineral water is easily accessible at grocery stores or even online.

Top Reasons to Drink Mineral WaterIn places where getting access to mineral water is a challenge, opting for a top-quality filtration system is the next best solution.

Some of the health benefits of drinking mineral water include:

  • Mineral water gets its exceptional taste from naturally occurring minerals, with most kinds of mineral water carbonated to enhance the water’s taste.
  • A natural way to boost intake of nutrients and minerals daily.
  • Mineral water has zero calories.
  • The addition of sodium bicarbonate to sparkling mineral water has the added benefit of receiving optimal pH levels for the body.
  • One of the most important health benefits of consuming mineral water daily is the higher levels of magnesium help to lower blood pressure.
  • An added benefit is the calcium and magnesium in mineral water help to reduce the risk of kidney stones if consumed in a large quantity daily.
  • Drinking sparkling mineral water produces a feeling of satiety which, although for a short duration, can help to skip on snacking.
  • Leads to the strengthening of bones in women because of the higher quantity of calcium.
  • The presence of sulfates in mineral water may increase metabolism.
  • A rich source of natural potassium is needed for remaining alert and strengthening memory
  • Mineral water has anti-inflammatory properties that can lead to a decrease in swollen joints.
  • A much better alternative to soda water is carbonated mineral water and is an excellent way to wean off the habit of consuming sodas.


These are the many benefits one can derive from drinking mineral water, with the type chosen subject to the drinker’s preference.

Two top-rated brands known for their fizz and unique taste are Perrier and San Pellegrino sparkling water.

Ready to drink mineral water?

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Top Reasons to Drink Mineral Water