EZPT: Best PT Recovery App

EZPT Best PT Recovery App

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Best PT Recovery App

For years, there has been an unfilled gap between physical therapy and fitness. When we have a serious, acute injury we go to a physical therapist for treatment. There, they help us get rehabilitated and back to our usual function.

Looking for the Best PT Recovery App?

When we want general exercise guidance, we find a personal trainer or follow routines and guides that we find online. But what about dealing with a chronic problem? How can we get specific advice on our exercise form when we don’t have access to a trainer?

That’s where EZPT might come in. EZPT gives you access to the tools you need to make the most out of your workout. Let’s see how it stacks up as a recovery app.

What is EZPT?

Simply put, EZPT is an app that serves as the intersection of Physical Therapy and Fitness. By utilizing the advanced imaging systems common in our devices, EZPT allows us to have the expertise of a trained professional in our homes.

EZPT Best PT Recovery App

EZPT software can provide rehabilitative exercise routines where needed while offering higher intensity workouts for the rest of the body.

This can best be understood through a possible example. When dealing with a chronic shoulder injury, there are some exercises that can exacerbate your condition.

Because of that, it can be easy to resign yourself to a more sedentary lifestyle. Physical therapy will be able to provide some relief, but a physical therapist will not be able to provide you with the constant attention and recommendations you may want.

Instead, EZPT will provide exercise routines that will help you slowly improve your shoulder while at the same time giving you full-body workouts that will be safe for your shoulder.

EZPT Best PT Recovery AppEZPT takes things a step further, by monitoring you during your workout, EZPT allows you to ensure that you have proper form and safely complete your workout. This includes giving visual and auditory feedback designed to help keep you safe and prevent injuries.

Over time, EZPT can also accurately reassess your range of motion, helping you track your progress in your rehab process.

Who Should Use EZPT?

EZPT is a great choice for a wide variety of people. As explained above, those dealing with chronic injuries can find relief and improvement through the use of EZPT. Thanks to the biofeedback techniques utilized by the EZPT system, it does more than just correct your posture and form at the moment.

As you are trained by the EZPT system, you will naturally adjust to the point that you can consistently perform your exercises and activities without risk of injury.

EZPT can also be utilized by professionals, including athletic trainers and physical therapists. By using the built-in form monitoring functions of EZPT, you can provide remote assistance to your clients when you can’t be with them in person.

Setting them up with EZPT also allows them to continue their progress after their time in therapy or training is complete.


Whether you have a chronic injury, are looking for a new tool to help your clients, or just want to track your form and your progress, EZPT is a great recovery app and fit. Try it out today!

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EZPT: Best PT Recovery App