Gym Fashion: Quick Style Guide on What to Wear

Gym Fashion Quick Style Guide on What to Wear

Gym Fashion: Quick Style Guide on What to Wear

Fitness doesn’t need to come at the cost of fashion. For instance, you don’t have to be that gym veteran with stained and torn workout gear in a bag. The look may be acceptable for a short while, but after the first week, it is time for a change. Gym newbies may want to consider whom they might meet while working out and dress accordingly the first time for a lasting good impression.

Gym Fashion: Start with a Bag

The grocery bag may be practical, but you’ll look like a walking advertisement for your favorite supermarket. It is waterproof. It does have that going for it, but after a few uses, it’ll break and spill your sweaty workout clothes all over the car park. Designer backpacks for women are great for the gym.

A rucksack is the most practical bag, especially if you’re arriving on foot. It sits comfortably on the back and can hold workout gear, a towel, wash bag, and make-up, as well as the essential phone, keys, and wallet.

Borrowing your child’s rucksack or your partner’s won’t create a very good first impression. The stares and silent judgments of others can result in feelings of self-consciousness, which is not the best way to start a workout.

Spandex versus Sweats

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Some people prefer figure-hugging spandex and some prefer baggy sweats.

Any combination of either is also acceptable as some people like to strip out layers as they work out. Not just any spandex will work in the gym. Spandex specifically designed for exercise allows the skin to breathe and sweat to escape.

The type of workout you’re doing needs to be considered. Baggy sweats can hide the wobbly bits, but they can catch on equipment.

Sports Bras

Sports bras are an absolute must. Some women like to work out in just their sports bra and spandex leggings. If this is the case, coordinate.

If you’re wearing baggy sweats, you will still need a sports bra. Movement when exercising ranges from uncomfortable to painful. It can hinder movement, preventing you from getting the most out of the workout. Sports bras restrict movement, allowing fluidity through the rest of the body.

Without a sports bra, you are risking injury as well as a breakdown in ligaments.


Most workouts aren’t done in bare feet. High-heeled boots aren’t an acceptable gym option either. Trainers of some variety are the typical workout shoes.

Just because it looks like a trainer, doesn’t mean it is suitable for the workout. Consider what sort of arch support, you need for the specific type of exercise you do.


With so many options out there from workout hats for men to leggings for women and everything in-between, gym clothes don’t need to be ugly. You should look as good as you do while exercising as you do any other time.

Wearing the right gym clothes, that are supportive and breathable, can give an extra burst of motivation and confidence to push the extra mile.

Gym Fashion: Quick Style Guide on What to Wear