Healthy Habits To Learn In 2022

Healthy Habits To Learn In 2022

Healthy Habits To Learn

You don’t have to drastically change your life at the beginning of each year to make your life better. It is enough to acquire useful habits step by step, which will saturate your everyday life with energy and success, developing you, making yourself stronger and more successful. The main thing about any habit is regularity, and the result is achieved through a cumulative effect.

You Should Learn These Healthy Habits

First of all, analyze your life in the previous year and think of everything you’d like to change: stop overworking, spend more time with your family, or drink less alcohol. In this article, you will not find advice on how to beat alcoholism but will understand how to stop making unrealistic plans and live a healthier life.

How to develop a good habit

Daily habits play a very important role in affecting well-being and mood. Bad habits, regardless of the amount acquired, spoil life, gradually undermining physical and psychological health.

Good habits, on the contrary, can change life for the better, in all its manifestations. In particular, nothing affects success like the right habits. The rituals that you perform daily are reflected not only in the present moment but also affect the future.

The goals that you set for yourself usually imply a specific time when you want to achieve them, a description of the desired result, and require constant self-control. Let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds by May.

Your goal is not only to lose weight but also, preferably, to fix it without losing half the motivation. It is very difficult to keep yourself in tight rein day after day, limiting yourself to pleasant delicacies.

An alternative solution is to develop good habits that will lead to a stable result. Start simple: an evening walk before bed, a five-minute exercise in the morning, giving up sugar in coffee, replacing cereals with vegetables.

Repeating the same action day after day for three weeks is known to rebuild neural connections in the brain: the process becomes automatic, not requiring excessive effort and willpower

Types of good habits and tips on where to start

1. Start with habits that require minimal effort. Instead of setting yourself up to work out for an hour and a half every weekday, start with five sit-ups and five push-ups in the morning.

Healthy Habits To Learn In 2022Such a mini-charging will take two minutes, and you will not be able to justify yourself with a lack of time. When you get used to the fact that the morning begins with physical activity, start gradually increasing the difficulty.

2. It’s okay if, due to circumstances, you allow yourself to deviate from the program, but try not to break the chain of daily activities for more than one day. Since repetitive actions rewire the brain, regularity is essential in this process.

3. Predict various scenarios. How will you stick to your habits in non-standard conditions? One of my habits is to put my phone away in the evening and cook dinner with my loved ones, devoting attention to each other.

Of course, this is not possible on a business trip. In such a case, you can use plan B – a dinner with friends on Skype.

4. So that you can see your progress, mark the completed tasks on the calendar. Try to keep the chain of continuous actions for as long as possible so that the habit becomes a natural behavior for you.

List of healthy habits to develop in 2022

We suggest taking note of the top 30 daily good habits that will definitely come in handy for you in the new year:

  1. Stop drinking alcohol and coffee for at least some time.
  2. Get up half an hour earlier. Dedicate this time to yourself or things that you constantly put off.
  3. When you wake up, drink a glass of water. Better hot.
  4. Take a contrast shower in the morning – it wakes you up no worse than a cup of ristretto.
  5. Do morning exercises/stretching – at least 10-15 minutes.
  6. Leave the house 15 minutes earlier than planned. The fewer delays, the less stress, and missed opportunities.
  7. Refuse the elevator and public transport, walk up the escalator – it would seem elementary movements, but they work no worse than exercises in the fitness room.
  8. Keep your posture, walk straight – constantly remind yourself of this.
  9. Stand and walk more. Even at office work, it’s easy to get up every 45 minutes to walk or squat a bit.
  10. Master the Pomodoro Technique. One Pomodoro is 25 minutes of full concentration at work and 5 minutes of rest. This way you won’t overexert yourself and lose focus.
  11. Walk in the evening – at least half an hour.
  12. Think about what you eat. Eliminate fast food and other junk food from your diet. Also, you should make it a point to take care of your dental health! If you’re having dental issues like missing teeth, we suggest that you opt for dental Implants In tallahassee fl.
  13. Drink at least 2 liters of clean, non-carbonated water a day, and keep a water bottle on your desk to stay hydrated.
  14. If your friend tries to quit drinking, have an alcohol pause as well in order to show support.
  15. If you notice you drink alcohol more than three times a week, look for ways how to stop drinking alcohol for some time.
  16. Compliment people, be friendly.
  17. Do not go to the store hungry or sad, otherwise impulsive purchases cannot be avoided.
  18. Do not think for others, but rather ask. One short conversation is much more effective than many hours of speculation. And hang out with toxic people less.
  19. Avoid complaints, criticism, and gossip.
  20. Call your parents and old friends. At least once a week.
  21. Listen to good music. Especially during routine tasks like cleaning.
  22. Try new things. Each week, plan 2-3 small experiments for yourself: a new genre of cinema, a dish from a different cuisine, an unusual hobby or activity.
  23. Learn home bookkeeping and learn a smart approach to personal finance. Train yourself to save 10% of each salary, use promotions, cashback, loyalty programs, and bonuses.
  24. In the evening, make a plan for the next day. 15 minutes of planning will save you a few hours tomorrow.
  25. Prepare clothes for the coming day in the evening.
  26. Keep a diary and write down your achievements and successes every day, for which you are grateful for the past day, which made you happy.
  27. Wash your face before bed, cleanse your skin, take time to take care of yourself.
  28. Ventilate the room before going to bed. Sleep cool.
  29. Don’t use your phone/laptop two hours before bed.
  30. Get enough sleep. Train yourself to go to bed, get up at the same time, and stop drinking at least two hours before going to sleep.


Thoughts? Think you can fit these into your schedule? The time is now and this is your year!

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Healthy Habits To Learn In 2022