How COVID-19 Social Isolation Can Change Your Marriage

How COVID-19 Social Isolation Can Change Your Marriage

When you got married, you promised to stick to this person for better or for worse. You didn’t think that “for worse” would include all of the problems in the world today. Facing COVID-19, social isolation, and maybe even unemployment can put a lot of strain on your marriage and relationship.

Your marriage and COVID-19

How COVID-19 social isolation can change your marriage? What can you do to keep your marriage strong? Find out below!

How Social Isolation Impacts Marriage

Of course, when you decided to get married you knew that you wanted to spend more time with your partner. Still, social isolation takes that idea to a whole new level. In many homes across the world, couples are spending 24 hours exclusively with the people in their households.

How COVID-19 Social Isolation Can Change Your Marriage TodayAt first, this might have felt like a nice vacation with your favorite people. Eventually, though, even the closest of friends can get on each other’s nerves.

It seems like social isolation has held up a magnifying glass to those small idiosyncrasies that you had been able to ignore up until now. That is completely normal! How you deal with these quirks, though, will make all the difference.

If one or both of you are still working, you may still be able to have some alone time. When that is the case, though, it can be easy for the working mate to start to feel overwhelmed by feeling like they have to do all the work.

If there are children at home doing schoolwork now, that can be another major challenge to deal with.

Struggling financially always brings stress in a marriage, and the uncertainties of COVID-19 mean that no one can feel fully financially secure.

How to Deal With Social Isolation in a Marriage

Obviously, if you married someone there was something inside them that you liked enough to agree to stick with them. Even though there are challenges facing you at every corner of this, there are ways you and your partner can come out from all of this stronger than ever.

One key technique to keep you and your mate on the same page is communication. Communication has always been essential to any relationship, but now more than ever you both need to freely express how you are feeling.

This will help the two of you overcome whatever obstacles are in your way. Being a united front will keep you close and connected.

Another way you can strengthen your marriage to overcome social isolation due to COVID-19 is through association. Spending time with other people through virtual tools and video chats can make all the difference.

This will help in two ways. First, it provides a buffer to keep everyone acting on their best behavior. Second, it gives you something to focus on together. Continuing to build shared experiences is more important than ever.

For more information on how to help your marriage come out of COVID-19 social distancing stronger, click here.


Even though COVID-19 and social isolation have put a strain on relationships, with the effort you and your marriage mate can come out stronger than ever.

How COVID-19 Social Isolation Can Change Your Marriage