Core Tightening Exercises In 30 Minutes Or Less

core tightening exercises

The Core Tightening Workout

We all want a rock-solid core and toned abs. But what exactly should we do? From reducing the love handles to shrinking the muffin top to getting a flat belly, this expert core tightening workout will definitely help you strengthen your core.

A Core Tightening Workout From the Pro

Here are 5 total body exercises that can be done at home without any weights. The workout includes exercises for your upper and lower body, as well as some cardio and core moves. Repeat this circuit 2-4x for a great total body winter workout!

Sumo Squat Jumps: 20 Reps

30 Minutes or Less Core Tightening Workout

Stand with your feet together and your arms raised straight up. Hop your feet open and sit into a Sumo Squat position, with your feet open wide and toes turned out, and reach one hand down to touch the floor. Hop your feet back together and reach both arms up. Alternate your arms each time.

Step Up to Rear Lunge: 15 Reps

30 Minutes or Less Core Tightening Workout

Step up with your left foot onto a bench, chair, or any safe surface you have available at your home. Bring your right knee into your chest at the top if you can balance. If that’s too challenging simply step up with your feet together. Step your right foot down on the floor and send your left leg back into a lunge, bending your knee 90 degrees. Step back up with your left leg and continue on this site, and change legs the next circuit.

Leg Dip Bridges: 20 Reps

30 Minutes or Less Core Tightening Workout

Sit on the edge of a couch, chair, or bench, and place your hands on the edge shoulder distance apart. Place one foot on the floor in front of you with the knee bent at a 90-degree angle, and raise your opposite leg straight out. Bend your elbows 90 degrees and lower your hips toward the floor, then press your hips straight up as you straighten your elbows. Continue on this leg for this set and change legs for the next circuit.

Combine this workout with a Pro Diet for results!

Glider Mountain Climbers: 30 Reps

30 Minutes or Less Core Tightening Workout

Start in a plank position with the balls of your feet on anything that can glide on the surface of the floor you are on. Paper plates or hardcover books can glide well on carpets, and hand towels or even just socks can work well on glossy floors. Perform a mountain climber by pulling one knee in toward your chest, then sending the leg back to plank while switching sides.

Twisting Leg Raise: 20 Reps

30 Minutes or Less Core Tightening Workout

Lie on your back with your legs straight out hovering about a foot off the floor, with your hands behind your head and your shoulders scrunched up. Lift both legs straight up and slightly raise your hips at the top as you twist your legs to point your toes to the right. Lower your legs back down to start position without letting your lower back arch, and continue this movement, alternating the direction you twist your toes each time.


It doesn’t take an incredibly long, complicated workout to get serious results.

Don’t forget it’s all about intensity and pushing yourself hard the entire time.  Let’s get started!

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Core Tightening Exercises In 30 Minutes Or Less