How To Choose The Right Combat Sport?

How To Choose The Right Combat Sport

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Why Choose Combat Sport?

Physical fitness is something many people strive to achieve. However, only a few individuals enjoy jogging or going to the gym to lift weights. In addition, some are not as fond of playing ball sports as others are. If you’re one of those people, you may find solace in engaging in a combat sport instead.

How To Choose The Right Combat Sport?

Combat sports are competitive martial arts in which participants can acquire self-defense and tournament-winning techniques. They may sound intimidating, but even children as young as three can take it up and train to become champions. These activities give adequate physical conditioning and provide essential social skills.

Since many combat sports and gyms are available, picking only one can take time and effort. So, keep reading if you need a helpful nudge in the right direction. Here are five considerations you must consider while selecting the most suitable option.

1. Location

Online lessons are all the rage nowadays since people prefer studying from their homes. However, if you’re interested in learning a combat sport, attending in-person training is your best chance. Remember that the only way to master the techniques is to train with a partner.

Many martial arts schools across the country are open to students of all ages. It would be convenient if the location of your training facility is within your area. You can search for them online or through word of mouth. For example, you can search for jiu jitsu San Diego and get relevant results that could lead you to locations you’ve never considered.

Having a nearby gym that will take a little time to get to will leave you with enough energy to participate in classes. Therefore, proximity to your home is preferable when looking for a place to learn a combat sport.

2. InterestsHow To Choose The Right Combat Sport

It’s difficult doing something you don’t put your heart into. So, a sport or any physical activity should align with your interests. It’ll make attending classes feel more like fun than an obligation. So, before making a final decision, consider the aspects of a combat sport you enjoy. That’s a great way to cut down on your options.

For instance, some people who respect Japanese culture may take up karate or judo, two combat sports from Japan. On the other hand, some individuals are fascinated with traditional weaponry and might try out eskrima or fencing. But if you’re curious about self-defense, you may appreciate taekwondo from Korea.

Even the sport itself can pique your interest. Try watching as many combat sports videos as possible to get an idea of what they’re like in action. You might prefer the calculated moves of kendo or the intensity of Muay Thai. What’s important is that the sport is something you can see yourself doing. There’s no point in dragging your feet to the gym to participate in a combat sport you don’t enjoy.

3. Personal Goals

Many people take on new activities to reach their goals, regardless of their nature. When choosing a combat sport, you must consider your desired outcomes. It’s wonderful if your decisions even marginally advance your long-term goals.

Combat sports are one of the primary choices for people who wish to learn self-defense. If you want to protect yourself from physical attacks, joining a martial arts class is ideal. You’ll learn the fundamentals before moving on to more complex techniques. Many moves are relevant inside and outside the ring when defending against an assault.

Additionally, combat sports are popular among those yearning to lose weight. You’ll move your whole body as you train, making you sweat and burn fat faster. If you’re disciplined and consistent with your workout, you might lose a few pounds over a few months. Most contact sports will inspire you to eat better, which could make you appear healthier and leaner.

Practicing combat martial arts also provides social and mental benefits. It’s not surprising to see many individuals who may have mental health issues taking combat sports. It’s because exercise releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone.

Therefore, taking up a combat sport is an excellent method to keep your emotions in check if you have a mental condition. Furthermore, you’ll have a healthy way to let go of stress in a managed and secure environment.

4. Time And Money

Typically, learning a combat sport calls for a significant investment of time and, in some cases, money. Many gyms have professional coaches who’ve made their marks in their field of discipline by becoming champions. Consequently, lessons in such institutions are usually expensive to match the teachers’ expertise and skill level.

If you’re not ready to invest in an entire course, try some trial lessons first. Finding free crash courses on a specific combat sport is difficult but possible. If your neighborhood offers it, grab the opportunity. You can receive a basic walkthrough, learn a couple of moves, and gain new connections with like-minded people and potential coaches.

Becoming a master or a champion in a sport isn’t something you can do in a few weeks or months. In fact, for most people, it takes years. If you’re not prepared to put in the time, don’t take up a combat sport. This is the reason why it’s also important to consider your interests and goals.

5. Difficulty Level

Every sport is challenging to do when you’re just starting. So, don’t expect even the easiest martial art to be a walk in the park. However, some fighting styles are easier than others. Boxing, in particular, is something many people can do at their local gym. Meanwhile, sports like mixed martial arts incorporate several styles, making them extra complicated for some.

Regardless of your choice, you must choose a class taught by a professional on that specific sport. The best educators know to break down complex concepts so that even the slowest students can grasp them. They could also teach you valuable information in addition to your training, such as proper diets and how to deal with gym injuries.

Combat sports coaches are also mentors who do their best to apply their lessons to real-life situations. Hence, it’s best to find a reputable school with great teachers. So, even if you choose the most intense martial art available, you’ll receive practical training you may learn to enjoy.


Many different types of combat sports are available, and this guide will make your search and selection easier. Remember not to rush because making an impulsive decision without considering the factors will leave you with an activity that doesn’t suit you.

Take your time, do your research, and browse your options. You’ll soon find the right combat sport that matches your goals, interests, and needs.

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How To Choose The Right Combat Sport?