How to Create Amazing Instagram Content That Boosts Your Brand

How to Create Instagram Content That Boosts Your Brand

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How to Create Amazing Instagram Content That Boosts Your Brand

Instagram is the way to go for brands since it is a truly dynamic, fast-paced, and a highly-competitive world that promises loads of business benefits. A truly fashion-forward Instagram stratagem could be instrumental in driving traffic, making sales, and attracting a devoted community of followers.

How to Create Amazing Instagram Content

Instagram for fashion is not solely about becoming a trendsetter-the best Instagram stratagem for your fashion business must not just focus on captivating your target audience but must also, focus on initiating a conversation, sharing experiences, and selling the brand lifestyle.

The best part is that Instagram has a host of amazing tools that help fashion brands to go about building brand awareness, connecting with their target audience, and driving more and more sales.

Brands must consider incorporating some of the following ideas into their Instagram feed content to create amazing Instagram content.

Consider Using Carousel Posts for Flaunting Product Angles or Multiple Pieces

Fashion businesses whether big or small have implemented the Instagram carousel trend. They have been successful in discovering innovative and creative ways of adding them seamlessly into their Instagram promotion & marketing strategy. Another most effective and frequently used way of implementing Instagram carousel posts would be for introducing new collections or product lines.

How to Create Amazing Instagram Content That Boosts Your BrandInstagram carousel posts have the capability of sharing multiple pictures and videos in just one post.

This is an advantage and you do not need to post numerous videos and pictures back-to-back. This allows for more flexibility for sharing relevant content making sure not to spam your followers.

Irrespective of whether you are introducing a designer shoe boutique or a fresh new denim collection, the capacity to go on sharing multiple product pictures in one post is just great for boosting interest and sales!

Leverage Instagram Video Posts for Promoting Your Fashion Products

Even though images are more commonly used on Instagram, videos are very much in vogue. They are enjoying phenomenal popularity. As per the findings of eMarketer, while pictures usually do better as compared to videos from the perspective of engagement, there has been a boost in the engagement numbers for Instagram videos at a much faster rate as compared to pictures.

Moreover, as per HubSpot, around 64 percent of users would probably purchase a product after seeing a video of that product first. Hence, making use of Instagram videos to showcase your fashion products and highlight their salient features could go a long way in boosting the ROIs.

Many fashion brands are embracing the video trend on Instagram to demonstrate behind-the-scenes shots from events, photoshoots, shows, and something to do with their brand. There are numerous ways of getting innovative and creative with Instagram videos for your unique fashion brand.

As per, your audience is more into multitasking. Hence, if you wish to retain their attention, your videos must be of less than 30 seconds duration. The ideas are limitless. You simply need to explore them.

Fortunately, you have easy access to a host of software and cutting-edge apps that could be used not just for improving the video quality but also for adding your branding message, logo, or some other design element to them. Fashion brands could buy Instagram followers and likes by getting in touch with a reliable digital marketing agency.

Consider Creating Stunning Content Using GIFs

Instagrammers’ feeds seem to be flooded with amazing posts from various fashion brands trying desperately to grab their attention.

It is pretty challenging for fashion brands to stand taller than the rest. Video content is becoming incredibly popular on Instagram. Hence, you could now experiment with your content, edit your footage for fitting your feed so that you could share even more fashion videos with all your fans and followers on Instagram.

Instagram Stories GIFs are the hottest new trend and the best thing is that you could come up with your own unique Instagram Stories GIFs exclusively for your fashion business. Hence, more and more businesses including fashion brands are jumping onto the amazing Instagram Stories GIF bandwagon.

They seem to be the best way of infusing personality into all your stories. Moreover, they could help in boosting overall brand awareness and successfully drive far more engagement and traffic to your fashion account on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories GIFs for adding a branded fun element to all your Stories and content!

Let Your Creativity Roll with Stunning Multimedia Designs

Numerous popular Instagram trends have been initiated by influencers who are relentlessly striving to identify innovative and creative ways of expressing themselves on Instagram to entice new followers.

Currently, colleges are the way to go on Instagram. They are just to be seen everywhere. It was initially introduced as a trend on Instagram Stories but today it is dominating Instagram feed as well.


If you are an upcoming fashion brand trying to identify ways to drive more engagement and boost your followers on Instagram, you must try out the tips and trends discussed above.

Remember that today it is easier than ever before to generate top-quality Instagram content. You could simply look for some additional help outside the app.

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How to Create Amazing Instagram Content That Boosts Your Brand