How To Start A Fitness Blog

how to start a fitness blog

Let’s Start a Fitness Blog

Love fitness? Love writing about health? This might be the perfect opportunity to share your fitness knowledge by starting a fitness blog! Here are some sure-fire tips to help you get started!

Want to start a fitness blog?

The health and fitness niche has been and will always be a great area for bloggers and online businesses to thrive in.

Being healthy is sexy, and obviously so is looking great. People are constantly looking for ways to improve their well-being, and they often turn to the internet when they’re just beginning their fitness journeys.

With so much scammy and plain bad information out there, you have a real opportunity to provide great value to tons of people.

If you’re interested in starting your very own health and fitness blog, below I’ve laid out 3 steps for you to follow.

How to Start Your Own Health and Fitness BlogChoose a Well-Thought Name

Health and fitness is such a broad topic, you usually want to niche down and specialize. This starts by choosing a well-thought out name – one that’s relevant to your area of expertise.

For example, NerdFitness decided to appeal to the geeks of fitness. Fit Bottomed Girls appeals to, well, I’m sure you can guess.

These are just a couple of great examples. The name you choose is solely up to you.

As you create your blog and get your message out into the world, you’ll quickly learn how important branding is to your business.

Don’t take for granted the power of a perfectly crafted blog name.

Make Sure You’ve Done Something Noteworthy

We’ve all seen it before. People who are enthusiastic about health and fitness, but clearly haven’t taken their own advice.

If you expect people to follow you, respect you, and engage in your blog, you want to make sure you’re a living example of your message.

This means accomplishing some feat – it doesn’t even have to be that major – that you can use as proof to help and share with your audience.

Maybe you’ve recently lost a lot of weight and want to share your secret with the world. Perfect.

Maybe you haven’t been sick in years, and you owe it all to your diet and exercise routine. Awesome.

The trick to becoming super successful in the blogging world…is simply not to be a phony. People will feel connected to you, knowing that you too underwent the same struggles.

That’s the best way to start any blog if you ask me.

Drive Traffic and Build an Audience

As you get your health and fitness blog up and running, you’ll definitely want to make sure you start growing it ASAP.

While I’m sure your mom, dad, brother, sister, and best friends love reading about your journey, you’ll need much more than that to run a successful blog.

How to Start Your Own Health and Fitness BlogBy following the first two steps above, you’ll already have a great foundation for moving forward.

Now let’s focus on that traffic.

Health and fitness blogs are fairly common, which means there’s a lot of great competition to spy on. Start by using an online SEO checker to pinpoint their best-performing pages and content.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and you’ll definitely want to learn how it works.

In short, you can learn from your competitors to decide which keywords you should target, and how to utilize them in your content.

After you get a few good examples under your belt, you’ll be able to carry out a basic SEO strategy on your own. More often than not, this should be enough to drive decent traffic to your site.


The steps I’ve laid out above are more than enough for you to get started with your health and fitness blog.

Once you get consistent traffic and into a content-creating routine, you’ll start seeing success and love what you’ve contributed to this world.

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How To Start A Fitness Blog