Looking for Love? Top Countries for Online Dating

Looking for Love Top Countries for Online Dating

Top Countries for Online Dating

What is love? Its definition is a mystery, as it eludes all and encompasses everything at the same time. Love is eternal and ethereal, magical and practical; all rolled into one. It’s the secret chemistry and the open secret, if you may.

Countries for Online Dating

So, what is love? The best way to find out is to fall in love with another person. It’s that easy, huh? Even before that, you should be able to love yourself, who you are. Only then, you find that mystic light in the eyes of your lover when your glances meet.

Finding ‘the one’ in itself is a great feat, but it has become much easier these days, thanks to online dating.

Looking for Love Top Countries for Online Dating

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Top countries

In a recent survey conducted by a major online dating site, romantic adventures in the digital world were ranked. The United States took the lead as the most active country and was closely followed by India.

The list was followed up by Ireland, United Kingdom, and Spain. Don’t be disheartened, though, if your country did not make a list.

Love is to be found everywhere, and it’s a universal feeling. You can find your life partner with a little help from online dating sites in any country you reside.

However, before you take the big step of meeting the other person, always be careful. Not all that glitters is gold! Unfortunately, there have been many instances of online dating flings turning out to be a bad experience. Just so you know, here are a few vital tips to be on the safe side in the world of online dating.

Trust your instinct

Don’t be impulsive in love. Don’t be desperate. Take your time to trust your gut feelings over the other person you have just met on the internet. While it may seem very mushy, always keep a lookout for potential red flags. If anything seems off, it probably is.

It is obviously natural for anyone not to divulge a lot of personal details online, but that should not mean one can lie blatantly. If you find the other person as lying, manipulative, or hurtful, take it as a warning sign and don’t go any further.

Do a background check

Do a background check on the other person. Check him or her on socials to find out more. Of course, this does not mean stalking, but knowing that if he or she is really someone you can trust. Doing a deep search on social media can raise red flags and help you be safe.

Apart from social media like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, check out what Google has to say about your possible romantic partner.

Meet in a public place

Looking for Love Top Countries for Online Dating

So, you have done the preliminary checks and now you are convinced that you can meet in person. Even then, you should take proper safety precautions. First things first, do not meet the other person in a private setting, no matter how tempting it may be.

Always choose to meet in a public place like a park or a restaurant. In fact, if you are being asked to meet privately for the first date, it should raise alarm.

Meeting in a public place has another great advantage. You can have a family member or a friend in the vicinity keeping a watch on you.

Do a video call before you meet

Don’t go on a blind date with someone you have met online. Always do a video call before meeting personally. It helps you to judge the other person by body language.

Look for body language cues such as fast blinking, slurry speech, and uneasiness. Even if someone seems overconfident, that can be a possible sign of alarm too.

Another benefit of doing a video call is that you are sure of meeting the same person, and not someone else posing with a fake identity.

Be in control of where you go

Always arrange your own transport on your first date. If you cannot afford that, take public transport. Don’t accept the invitation to carpool as that gives out your address and you lose control of where you go.

Always make sure that you have an exit route. If the conversation gets uncomfortable, you should be able to leave immediately. Don’t feel embarrassed to say that you need to leave. Don’t share too much about yourself upfront: Take your time to introduce yourself. Giving out too much personal info can invite trouble.

Love should be based on trust, and trust does not happen in one day. It can be love at first sight, but you should still be on the guard. If you can find the right person, trust should flow naturally.

Stay sober

Don’t drink or do drugs when you meet someone for the first time. Not that you should be doing this later, but you got to be sober before you get to know each other really well.

On that note, avoid meeting in a bar. If you are meeting at a restaurant, let it be known that you don’t want to drink.

Tell about it to someone

Let your close friends know where you are going. Tell them about when you are about to meet and when you expect the meeting to be over, among other things.

You might want to carry pepper spray

Let’s hope you don’t have to use it. Nonetheless, to be on the safe side, carry a can of pepper spray with you.

Looking for Love Top Countries for Online Dating

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Wrap Up

These safety tips should be a good beginning. Although the world is full of beautiful people, there are always people who cannot trust a relationship. Unless you take the proper precautions, you cannot separate the good from the bad.

Remember that love is a very deep feeling. It may start with a first glance, but it can take years to know another person truly. Then again, that is the beauty of relationships.

In time, love slowly reveals itself to you in its full magic. Registering with a good dating site is the most important thing that you could do to find the true love of your life.

Looking for Love? Top Countries for Online Dating