Skulpt Review: What’s Your Body Fat Percentage?

skulpt review

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Skulpt Review: Get the Lowdown

Pictures and numbers… are two of the most motivating tools when it comes to getting in shape. Comparing pictures of yourself or numbers on the scale as you progress, can be highly motivating! That’s why I was so excited to do this Skulpt review. I mean seriously how cool would it be if everyone could determine their own body fat percentage without complex equations or human error-prone equations?

Skulpt Review


Skulpt Aim 

“The Ultimate Fitness Tracker

Overview: Get the lowdown on your body fat and muscle quality with a healthy dose of motivation in an easy-to-use, impressive hand-held tool! 

  • Ease of Use: 4.6/5
  • Effectiveness: 4.85/5
  • Design: 4.8/5
  • Overall: 4.75/5


Would you like to measure and then track your body fat throughout your entire body or just a problem area (tricep, stomach, thighs) without having to use complicated equations, calipers, or simply remembering your progress over the course of several months? Well, we have the answer you need to check out – the Skulpt Aim is a handheld tool to do just that.

Simple synopsis: It’s a handheld body fat measuring tool that you can use to target one muscle group or your entire body (through a series of tests) that uses electrical impedance myography (EIM) to determine fat content but also muscle quality. It basically uses a VERY weak current (that you can’t feel) that calculates how fast the current moved through the muscle group to determine fat and muscle quality – science rocks!

So basically, you can use the Skulpt Aim to take your body fat percentage several times throughout the course of your training program (which is recorded and graphed on the app or it can be used without) to help give you some serious motivation to keep up with your program. Does it sound like we like it? Well, you are right, this thing is friggin awesome, which you will see in the rest of our Skulpt review!

Ease of Use

Skulpt Review skulpt aim side barUsing the Skulpt Aim is incredibly simple:

  1. After you charge your unit then you are ready to go
  2. You can turn it on with the left button
  3. Navigate to the muscle you want to test
  4. Spray the anodes with water (so it can measure the weak electrical current – it comes with a little handy sprayed bottle)
  5. Press the Aim against the muscle group you want to measure
  6. Wait until the unit says you have completed the test (usually a few seconds)

It will then give you the muscle group fat percentage and also the muscle group quality, it’s that simple! Plus, it lets you know where you fall in the perspective of fit or needs improvement!

I will note that some of the muscle groups take several times to actually get a measurement. This can be attributed to the fact that some muscle groups are rounded (like your biceps) so there isn’t a good connection among the anodes.


Obviously, taking a single measurement of your bicep doesn’t correlate to your entire body. By going through a complete test that measures the majority of your large muscle groups, you get a good indication of your overall body fat percentage (and muscle quality). The beauty is that human error is mostly negated compared to calipers and equations and with the app (which you can get in iTunes or the Google Play store) it tracks your progression – which is possibly the most motivating tool on the market. It does the body well to watch the numbers drop!


So you have a handheld body fat measuring device that connects with your phone via Bluetooth to a highly effective, easy-to-use app that tracks your progression and helps you find your weak areas… sounds like science fiction! For this Skulpt review, we found this tool to be highly practical.

It comes with a charging stand (which can take a while to originally change but holds a charge incredibly well), the actual Skulpt Aim, a small spray bottle, and a carrying bag. The buttons can be difficult to push but besides that, it’s simple to navigate, use, charge, clean, store…etc.

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Wrap-Up: Verdict

So what have we learned today? If you are really serious about tracking your progress and want the motivation that an awesome system like this can bring, then you need to grab a Skulpt Aim. Plus right now they are on SALE. Do yourself a favor and at least check it out!

Overall we give this effective product a 4.75/5!

Get more information and then get your own HERE.

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