SNOW Review: Whiten Your Teeth Quickly and Easily

SNOW Review Whiten Your Teeth Quickly and Easily Featured

SNOW Review: Whiten Your Teeth Quickly and Easily

As we emerge from social distancing, do you want beautiful, whiter teeth? Wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and multiple trips to the dentist? Professional quality, done at home, at a sliver of the cost, in ten minutes a day… Sounds too good to be true.

Read our SNOW teeth whitening systems review below

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SNOW Review: Whiter Teeth in 9 Minutes

First, we are skeptical about things that offer huge promises. So, we settled in for a four-week test of the SNOW teeth whitening system to see what it could do! To us, it all comes down to two simple qualities: Ease of Use and Results.

Ease of Use

The SNOW teeth whitening system comes with everything you need, including a quick start manual to get you going in no time. To simplify things even more:

  1. Open package and mark on the teeth color guide your current white level
  2. Brush teeth
  3. Apply whitening solution to your teeth, either the max strength or normal whitening serum
  4. Insert LED mouthpiece and plug into your phone (comes with multiple connectors to fit almost any phone)
  5. Set your timer and leave the mouthpiece in for 9-30 minutes
  6. Remove and rinse mouthpiece and solution from the mouth
  7. Perform every day if you wish depending on your teeth sensitivity
  8. That’s it!

It’s a simple, quick solution that anyone can do.

The SNOW Review Whiten Your Teeth Quickly and Easily


As you can see we saw significant results over this 4-week test. For doing nothing more than your normal dental hygiene routine plus 10 minutes of SNOW you can work to a whiter smile.

Hands down, this was the easiest process or product we’ve ever used! We will post more photos 2-3 months down the road.

Oh yeah, SNOW has a “your teeth will be whiter” or a 100% money-back guarantee!

SNOW Review Wrap-Up

We thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of the system and the results. We will continue to use this going forward! You can’t beat the professional results for the price!

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With a 100% money-back guarantee and an extra 9 minutes a day, it’s worth trying out for yourself.

So, get a system of your own. Are you going to try the SNOW teeth whitening system? Drop us a comment if you do and shoot us a picture with your results!

SNOW Review: Whiten Your Teeth Quickly and Easily