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10 Bodyweight Exercises You Need To Master

10 Bodyweight Exercises You Need To Master

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10 Bodyweight Exercises You Need To Master

Before learning to master any other fitness tool, you need to master the one you already have: your own bodyweight! Training using just your bodyweight is not only convenient, but it also prepares you for external resistance later on.

Between kids, work, obligations, and personal time, life can get busy! And sometimes that means gym time gets pushed aside. Learning to master bodyweight exercises will not only keep you strong, but make you more consistent too! When you don’t need any equipment, you can workout absolutely anywhere. This saves time, planning, and sanity!

On top of the convenience, training using only your bodyweight allows you to prepare for loaded workouts later on. Mastering your own bodyweight helps prevent injury, keep you balanced, and makes you strong. Below are ten bodyweight exercises everyone should master in order to boost strength.

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