The 4 Biggest Benefits To Living In The Country

The 4 Biggest Benefits To Living In The Country

Benefits Of Living In The Country

Thanks to advances in technology, many people can work from home or just about anywhere. When they are untethered from the office, they don’t have to worry about living too far from work and a long commute. They can live out in the country and still make money. There has been an exodus to the country as a result.

What Are The Benefits?

It can be a bit of a challenge to move to the country from a city or suburb but the benefits of living there will outweigh them. Many people end up much happier after the move. What are the benefits of moving to the country? In this article, we will go over several of the benefits you will likely enjoy.

1. It’s sustainable

Suburban living is not the most sustainable model for living. It involves a heavy dependence on fossil fuels. It also doesn’t allow for certain lifestyles. For instance, if you want to grow a garden in your yard or line dry laundry there is usually an HOA that says that you can’t.

Living in the country means you can generally live a more sustainable life. You can make your own electricity with solar panels and a portable generator and can grow your own vegetables. In many areas, you can also raise animals for meat and dairy.

Many people that end up in the country are there because they can build a home that wouldn’t be an option in a city or suburban setting. By building new, you can use a lot of new material that is far more eco-friendly. This material will make it easier to heat and cool your house naturally without needing to use fossil fuels as much to make it happen.

2. You’ll have more space

An urban setting doesn’t leave you with much living space. It’s usually alright anyway since many people use the city as their living room. However, when you want to be at home more and work on projects instead of going to bars and restaurants then you’ll need a place in the country.

You’ll have the yard space to start a large vegetable garden and plant plenty of fruit trees. You’ll also be able to raise animals. If you like to work with your hands then you’ll have plenty of space for projects like woodworking or restoring furniture.

3. It saves moneyThe 4 Biggest Benefits To Living In The Country2

Houses in the country generally cost far less than when you get closer to the city. This is because many people don’t want to live in the country. This works to your advantage since you can then buy a big house for less than what a smaller house would cost in the city.

Since you won’t be commuting to the city for hours per day you will also save a lot of money on gas and wear and tear on your car. In fact, your car insurance is also likely to go down since it depends on where you live. There is less chance of theft in rural areas and accidents are also less frequent so this is reflected in your premium.

Prices of goods are generally lower in the country as well. Groceries cost less overall, for example, since the rent and overhead of a building in the country are far lower than in the city. Eating out at a mom-and-pop type of establishment is also far less than at a restaurant in the city. If you also add in what you save by growing your own vegetables and chickens for eggs then it also makes a difference.

4. Close to nature

Being out in nature is soothing for the mind and body and it is recommended that people spend as much time as possible there. That’s tricky when you live in the city as getting to where you can walk in the fresh air and take in the serenity can take a while. If you always have to make a special trip then you are less likely to spend much time in nature.

When you live in the country you are surrounded by a natural setting. Even if you don’t leave your backyard you are likely to be breathing clean air and looking at a lot of wildlife. Venturing further, you can be on a trailhead in minutes and take in everything that nature offers without making it a special trip


Your quality of life will skyrocket when you decide to live closer to nature and take in its benefits.

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The 4 Biggest Benefits To Living In The Country