The Top 5 Healthy Meals for College Students

healthy college meals

Just Because You’re in College, Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Pack a Lunch

Student life is quite challenging. Your body is always under stress from challenging courses and new environments. Things get even tougher before the exams when you get insufficient sleep, skip meals, and don’t lead a healthy lifestyle. However, you can take steps to maintain your health! Sleep well to let your body recharge and gain new strength, exercise more, and eat healthy foods.

If you do not know what options to choose for your college lunch box, then read on. We have selected 5 of the best lunches that are incredibly healthy and easy to make at home.

The Top 5 Healthy Lunches You Should Pack for School

  1. Oatmeal with yogurt and blueberries

This snack will truly rock your world because it contains a massive amount of healthy nutrients.

Oatmeal is known as one of the healthiest grains. Even eaten in small portions, it can improve your health significantly. It contains an extensive list of essential minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin B1 and B5, Copper, Zinc, Folate, Phosphorus, Iron, and Manganese. Besides that, it serves as a powerful antioxidant and can prevent high cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It’s great for your skin and can help manage your weight — after all, no one actually wants to gain the freshman 15!

Yogurt is a source of your daily protein and will keep you fuller, longer. Moreover, yogurt helps your body digest food easier (thanks to its probiotics) and prevents you from getting sick by boosting your immune system.

Finally, blueberries can help improve your memory and avoid any mental decline.

So, just take these three components and make a fast, light, and nutritious lunch for yourself!

  1. Healthy avocado sandwich

Why should this be your choice? Because it is super simple to make, and it is filled with numerous healthy nutrients.

To make this sandwich, you will need an avocado, boiled egg, some vinegar, mayonnaise, lemon juice, sunflower seeds, and several slices of bread (better if toasted).

Start with boiling an egg and then slicing it. Smash the avocado with a fork into a paste. After this, toast the bread, and then put some mayonnaise, egg slices, and avocado paste on it. Sprinkle it all with some vinegar and lemon juice and cover with another slice of toast.

You can also add some tomato slices if you wish. And remember that instead of boiled egg slices, you can cook your eggs any way you wish. Try a mini omelet! It will add a very sophisticated touch to the sandwich. If you want to get healthy right now, then avocado is a good start. It contains Vitamin K, C, B5, B6, E, Folate, and Potassium, along with Copper, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Avocado also promotes better heart functioning and can even prevent cancer.

  1. BurritoTop 5 Healthy Lunches Students Can Take At College

As a young and growing organism, you need to consume more beans. They keep you healthy thanks to a massive amount of vitamins, fiber, and protein. The best part about eating burritos is that you only have to eat them once to benefit from them throughout the day, as they slowly digest.

Besides — making a burrito is not that hard, so you can deal with this task all by yourself!

You will need some Mexican Chorizo, Queso, tortillas, onion, a green poblano pepper, several potatoes,  some oil, salt, and other spices to taste. Of course, feel free to substitute with whatever you have on hand! Here is an example recipe for this kind of burrito.

But for now, just remember that a burrito can be your power source for the healthy nutrients that your body needs to do well in college, work hard, exercise, and still have the strength for some social activities.

  1. Tuna salad

You do not need to have a degree in cooking to make this salad. All you need is some lettuce, tuna, lemon, olive oil, and basil. Chop all the ingredients and use lettuce to make wraps out of them. Alternatively, you can use brown bread to put the salad on. You can choose your own spices to taste, as these are optional.

Remember that tuna is popular for a vast number of reasons.

It’s inexpensive, keeps your heart healthy, lowers your blood pressure, and even increases the density of your bones.

Another important thing about tuna fish is that its nutrients can prevent depression (and even cure an existing one). Finally, it does a very good job of your kidneys and muscles. As you see, tuna is a real treasure. So, why not add it to your list of healthy snacks?

  1. Greek salad

Another great choice for those who hate to spend hours cooking and still want to eat healthy food is Greek salad. You can even prepare it in a Mason jar (super handy).

To make this salad, you can choose almost any vegetables and greens you want. For instance, you can go for lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, chickpeas, and olives along with some olive oil or sauce on the side.

Depending on what goes into your salad, your body will get an enormous boost of energy. With this healthy recipe, you save a lot of time and avoid any hassle related to cooking. And think of all the nutrients you consume!

Do not be afraid to add more green vegetables to your salad, as they all have different healthy compounds your body needs. We recommend you choose dark green veggies, as they contain the components your brain needs the most to function well and properly.


Now you can easily substitute some snacks from a college canteen with your own homemade choices, like the ones we described above. You can still start your day with an apple or a cup of coffee (they are interchangeable and provide the same level of energy) and have some chocolate throughout the day.

Your moms would not approve of such a choice, but it is official that dark chocolate can stimulate your brain activity and keep you focused while working. So, add a spoon of cocoa powder to your breakfast or have a couple of squares of dark chocolate in the course of the day. It is all safe and healthy!

So, which of these recipes will your start with? Or what healthy snacks would you recommend to our readers instead?

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