Top 6 Tips For Perfectly White Teeth

Top 6 Tips For Perfectly White Teeth

Tips For Perfectly White Teeth

Your teeth can get discolored due to various causes. Teeth discoloration can often start as a subtle and gradual change until eventually, you’ll be facing the mirror with yellow teeth or teeth with darker stains. Many factors contribute to teeth discoloration, like age, state of health, and lifestyle. In fact, for other patients, yellow stains may be inevitable.

How to Get Perfectly White Teeth

When in its milder stage, teeth discoloration isn’t yet enough to hurt your self-esteem. Many others, however, will start to get conscious about their teeth. After all, it’s one of the very first things other people see about you.

If you’re longing to have a perfectly white teeth, look no further. You’ve come to the right place for the top tips on how you can finally have celebrity-like perfect teeth. Here’s how to get those perfectly white teeth.

1. Opt For Professional Teeth Whitening

Because teeth whitening is a sought-after treatment by many, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that home teeth whitening kits are popular. While these kits are also effective, professional teeth whitening can yield faster results.

If you live in Western Australia, you can consult your trusted local dentist about professional teeth whitening in Perth. If you really want to have the best, safest, and most lasting results, don’t skimp on your teeth whitening.

Here’s why:

  • It helps enhance your self-esteem, especially when you’ve been so conscious about the current state and color of your teeth;
  • It gives you a personalized approach to whitening by considering your teeth’s specific needs, rather than a generalized home whitening kit;
  • It’s a speedy, one-hour procedure that saves you the hassle of doing it yourself at home.

2. Brush Your Teeth Regularly

This second tip may seem like an all-too-obvious thing to do. But, there are actually still individuals who may skip brushing their teeth multiple times a day. Thrice is recommended, twice is acceptable.

But once a day? That’s a different story. If you’ve been guilty of that, then chances are your teeth might eventually succumb to stains and discoloration.

Top 6 Tips For Perfectly White TeethSo, get back to the basic habit of brushing regularly. When you do, make it a point to floss daily, too. Especially after consuming food and beverages that may lead your teeth to turn yellow, brushing after is non-negotiable.

3. Skip The Cigarette

If you’re a smoker, it’s about time you have to stop smoking. Not only is this bad for your health, but it also contributes to teeth discoloration. Tobacco and nicotine can cause brown stains to penetrate the grooves of your tooth enamel. Over time, you’ll see your teeth moving from white to yellow. The longer you’ve been smoking, the more discolored your teeth will also be.

In this case, the stains brought about by tobacco may be too hard to remove by brushing alone. You’ll need the skills of a dentist to help restore your teeth’s color and condition.

4. Brush With Baking Soda

One of the oldest home remedies that may have a strong ability to whiten your teeth is baking soda. You can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda as it may help in killing bacteria and eliminating plaque. When used consistently, it may be effective in getting rid of stains.

Here’s the recipe to create your own homemade paste:

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Brush with this paste, then rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Just be sure not to swallow the paste.

5. Avoid The Food And Beverages That Causes Stains

When you meet with your dentist for your whitening procedure, it’s important to discuss also what food and beverages you may have regularly been consuming that contributes to your teeth stains. This new awareness you now have can enable you to avoid those foods and beverages.

Some of the most common culprits are colored, spicy food, coffee, tea, wine, dark soda, and fruit juices. The teeth stains will first develop slowly. Then, as you age, the stains will start to become more noticeable.

6. Rinse With Apple Cider Vinegar

In very small amounts, rinsing with apple cider vinegar may also be an effective remedy to whiten teeth. The recipe to follow is to mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with six ounces of water. Mix the apple cider vinegar solution for at least 30 seconds, then rinse.


With the tips above, you can now be one step closer to bringing back your teeth’s lost luster and shine. Having perfectly white teeth isn’t just a vanity thing. Rather, it’s also about bringing your self-confidence back.

Once your teeth’s condition has prevented you from smiling, that should be a sign to step up and apply certain tricks that can whiten your teeth.

This is an effort done on your own through home habits and with your dentist through a professional whitening treatment.


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Top 6 Tips For Perfectly White Teeth