Xero Shoes Review: 5000 Mile Warranty


Xero Shoes Review: Get a pair

If you’ve read any of our stuff, you know that we are all about getting out there and getting active. This doesn’t mean you have to hit up the gym every time either! Get outside and exploring and that’s where this review comes in. We got our hands on some Xero Shoes Z-Trails and wanted to see if they were perfect for hitting the trail or a weekend excursion.

Xero Shoes Review

XERO Shoes Review 5000 Mile Warranty Z Trail

Xero Shoes

Lightweight Performance Recreation Sandals”

Overview: The outdoor lovers perfect footwear… The Z-Trail is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy nature!  

  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Durability: 4.8/5
  • Price: 4.7/5
  • Overall: 4.83 / 5


I’m really not a strap sandals kind of guy. From my marine biology days, we were always sporting flip-flops (easier to take on and off when boarding boats/diving) so my experience level with this type of sandal was minimal – glad I got the chance to experience it!

First and foremost, this might be the lightest sandal I’ve ever worn (more on that later) and the comfort level is unparalleled. They got to be, considering many people have worn Xero Shoes while running marathons!

Now, I don’t run marathons and I didn’t put them quite to the test like that, but we did find out some cool things about them.

Comfort, durability, and protection are what the Z-Trail offers and is built on a 3 stepped design:

  1. BareFoam Comfort Layer
  2. TrailFoam Fore Protection
  3. FeelTrue Rubber Grip Pods


XEROShoes Review 5000 Mile Warranty Small XERO Shoes ReviewWell, it really doesn’t get much better than this during the summer time! The BareFoam comfort layer and the protection layer offer a great way to get that soft, comfy feeling, while also being able to feel the terrain beneath you.

Likewise, don’t worry about slipping everywhere if it’s wet out. FeelTrue rubber grip pods offer the perfect way to ensure you have stable footing as you are out crushing the trails! From the comfort and grip you need to conquer any terrain to the durability to keep you going, the Z-Trail offers a whole new experience for anyone who is serious about getting outside!

Design/ Durability

Seriously, when a product has a 5,000 mile warranty you know the creators are firm believers in it and will stand by it. That’s exactly what the Z-Trail offers (and all Xero Shoes have to offer). Do you think you can put 5,000 miles on these suckers? Give it a go and put it to the test. The 3 layer design means you will stay comfortable while ensuring the sandals last!

Note: Make sure to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION when you are getting the correct size you need. The guys over at Xero Shoes have laid out a step-by-step process to ensure you get the correct size (and they will help you out if you screw up). They have some amazing customer support!


Think about it, how many miles do you think you can put on a set of sandals in a year? 500 miles? These babies will last you over 10 years then for less than $80! For the comfort, durability, and the unparalleled warranty, you can’t beat this amazing product!

Wrap-Up: Verdict

XEROShoes Review 5000 Mile Warranty

So when it comes to a Xero Shoes review, it wouldn’t be complete without a no-holds-bar verdict. I was never a fan of these types of sandals… until now.

From their lightweight aspect to the amazing warranty to the great price point, these are some serious outdoor must-haves!

Overall we give this effective product a 4.83/5!

If you are an outdoor junkie or just like to hike occasionally, these are the free-spirited sandals (with a crazy good warranty) you need to check out! Get more information HERE.

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