10 Mistakes to Avoid Before Purchasing Fake Lashes

10 Mistakes to Avoid Before Purchasing Fake Lashes

Mistakes to Avoid Before Purchasing Fake Lashes

Having the correct equipment plays an enormous role in your accomplishment with your eyelash extensions especially if you own a business that offers this service. It’s not difficult to take on, but there are a few errors newbies tend to make when buying their eyelash extension products.

Tips for Purchasing Fake Lashes

We don’t want you to make these mistakes so here are 10 points to prevent making next time if you’re in the store for some new materials.

Mistake # 1: Not doing proper research about what you want

All eyelash extension products are not built similarly and doing a little bit of exploration before you purchase your supplies can avoid you from giving rise to an unwanted purchase.

For example, not all L-type tweezers are constructed to be utilized for eyelash extensions, and wasting time glancing into the commodity can keep you from saving your time and cash on materials that won’t benefit you with your business.

Mistake # 2: Don’t do the mistake of not reading customer reviews

Read reviews and feedback from the customers on the other websites and search lash specialist discussions and online seminars to seek out what preferences seem to be utilized the most and give the best outcomes.

Taking 10-15 minutes to research is a simple and best way to make sure you’re getting what you desire. Reading customer reviews can help you out in buying good products.

Mistake # 3: Failing to plan for long-term

You will have many favorable outcomes if you buy your eyelash extension products while considering the bigger picture. Make your opinions based on the advantages and durability of the products that are provided and not on how much they cost.

When you are first launching the business or if your budgets are limited, it can appear like a fair idea to go with cheaper alternatives in order to extend the budget as far as you can, but achieving so can certainly be beneficial in the long run.

Mistake # 4: Failing to use high-end products

For example, discounted equipment needs to be renovated more often than high-end ones, so you will end up spending more on fresh materials than you would if you purchased high-grade supplies that are built to last.

10 Mistakes to Avoid Before Purchasing Fake LashesKeep in mind that we are not trying to say that costly materials always mean outstanding, but as we mentioned above, it is best to do your analysis and go with a trusted product that has incredible reviews.

Mistake # 5: Forgetting quality of the products

You can purchase lashes from a reliable supplier who sells lash wholesale. Shopping for equipment isn’t exclusively about improving your productivity. Because you and your customer will be in an uncomfortable position during the application, you want to spend on the products that will keep you both as happy as possible.

Good quality salon beds can bring a huge variation and furthermore, delivering equipment that helps to reduce eye discomfort can give your customers satisfaction and an enjoyable experience. Basically, the more high-quality your supplies are, the happier your customers will be.

Mistake # 6: Forgetting comfort

Do not ignore your comfort. Bending and hunching over the client for several hours during the procedure can give you back or shoulder pain.

To avoid this you can invest in a pair of professional dental loupes. It will help you do the treatment in a healthy posture. This will not be an inexpensive investment, but the amount of aches and pains they will avoid is priceless.

Mistake # 7: Not knowing your region’s laws

Different regions have several regulations in respect to what is essential to legally perform as a lash specialist, so make sure all of your equipment is legal.

For instance, the majority of states only expect that salon equipment is cleaned, but there are a few out there that want salon equipment to be purified. Sterilization generally needs an autoclave and neglecting to have this can create an obstacle in your business.

Mistake # 8: Not having enough variety

When functioning as a lash expert, it is necessary to provide various styles, designs, patterns, and textures to help the clients in choosing what they desire. So always store eyelash extensions supplies in a wide range of pigments, patterns, and sizes instead of just purchasing the random things.

Not having enough options for your clients can be disappointing as they would seek it from your competitor. To avoid this from occurring, put in an order for a few unusual alternatives next time you restore your eyelash extensions supplies so that you can operate easily to all kinds of demands from the clients.

Mistake # 9: Don’t forget the needs of the clients

Focus on the quality and comfort that you would wish for. Addressing the needs of your clients can play a major role in getting loyal customers. Learn what your customers need and deliver the services upon their wishes. Provide various styles and designs to your customers so that they can select what they are looking for.

Mistake # 10: Avoid buying poor quality adhesive

Buying poor-quality adhesives can damage the eyelashes and make them look messy. There are different types of adhesives that are available in the market. Some adhesives are quick in drying whereas the others are slow in the drying process. Choose the right lash adhesive storage to stick your lashes.


Avoid these 10 mistakes while buying fake lashes. We hope this article was useful. It’s always better to seek expert advice before purchasing the eyelashes so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

10 Mistakes to Avoid Before Purchasing Fake Lashes