10 Ways That Dogs Make You Healthier

10 Ways That Dogs Make You Healthier

Do Dogs Make You Healthier?

Do you always feel better when you’re around your dog? Research suggests, your fluffy friend is good for both mental and physical health. Here are 10 proven ways that dogs make you healthier and live a more productive life!

How dogs make you healthier

Dogs often provide unconditional love and acceptance, and they are always there for you.

There’s companionship and a bond that makes the big difference in mental well-being, not to mention extra exercise that you often get during playtime. Although cleaning up the leftover food may be sometimes annoying, having a pet has many benefits.

Read on to uncover the surprising ways your dog can boost your health.

10 Ways That Dogs Make You Healthier1. Dog reduces stress

Rhythmic grooming or petting can be comforting to you and your dog. Concentrate on his or her soft fur texture, the warmth she radiates, his deep breaths and his calmness.

When you connect with him or her, oxytocin, the hormone that relates to anxiety and stress, is released. This helps reduce your blood pressure while lowering the cortisol levels.

2. Dog lessen allergies

Kids who grew up with furry friends at home are less likely to develop common allergies such as grass, ragweed, pet and dust allergies.

More than that, they’re at a lower risk of asthma. Generally, allergies can cause someone to become apathetic, lethargic and even suffer from insomnia. This can make him or her more vulnerable to some mental health issues, like depression.

3. Dog get you moving

Engaging and walking your dog outside or playing such as tossing a Frisbee provides a natural energy boost, that will enable you to let off steam. Also, it strengthens your muscles and helps improve your physical fitness.

Research shows that pet owners, have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides which is attributed to an active lifestyle.

With a dog, chances of experiencing major cardiac issues are lower. Instead you’ll have better blood circulation, a stronger body and you’ll be less susceptible to mental health problems.

Plus, simply keeping track of your dog, letting them in and out of the house and getting up to feed them (check out selfpetcare.com for some great kibble options) keeps you active and alert.

4. Pets distract you, keeping you in present

Being engaged and present with your dog takes your mind off of plaguing thoughts to help you live fully in the moment. Alternatively, you can shoot a video or photo of his cute antics and present to your furry friends.

5. Banish loneliness

If you don’t like being lonely, dogs can provide great companions.

Dogs often are very intuitive, seeking for you when you are feeling down.

Ideally, don’t use dogs to fill a temporary void, then push them aside. Pets are always a long-term commitment, though it’s not always easy. But if you’re up to it, they can provide much care and love throughout the bad and good times.

6. Dogs Help You Be Social

Have you ever preferred to use a dog as your wingman? Studies revealed that having a dog helps one be more social and approachable.

So, doing activities like going to pet stores, special events or dog parks with your dog is great for not only you but also your furry friends.

10 Ways That Dogs Make You Healthier7. They make you smile

Definitely, when your dog does something cute like putting a paw up to a level of your arm or rolling on his back, it will get you to smile.

In the end, all these funny, cute things trigger neurotransmitters to fire. This can help raise your dopamine and serotonin levels which are associated with happiness and calmness.

8. They get you outside

Fresh air elevates your mood and the sun provides vitamin D. Vitamin D will not only help fight mental conditions but also cancer, depression, heart attacks and obesity.

When going out with your dog, you are positively engaging with nature. Try to feel the wind rushing, listen to trees rustling and face the sun. The feeling and sounds of nature can be incredibly calming.

9. Dogs can help children grow stronger

According to Science Daily, children who grow up with pets in their home have little risk of allergies and eczema. Likewise, kids with a dog at home take fewer sick days when they grow up.

10. They’re great listeners

Have you ever found yourself alone, due to anger, stress or frustration? With a dog, he or she is there to listen to you, whenever you want to talk or share — your day, your dreams, your hopes. Also, you can practice the next speech with your dog, lament about the breakup or even utter the truths that you’ve have been hiding.

A dog can be the perfect “person” to listen to you if you want to vent without any potential repercussions.


Go have fun with your feline or pooch friend! You’ll both enjoy the pleasurable time together.

If you don’t have a pet, head down to volunteer at a shelter. There are many dogs that can benefit from your love, in turn, you’ll also feel the benefits too!

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10 Ways That Dogs Make You Healthier