12 Celebrities Who Are Into Running Barefoot

running barefoot

Celebrities Love Running Barefoot As Well

Running barefoot is all the rage these days because it can improve your gait and overall health. It’s a fad that is quickly catching on with celebrities as well. Check out why running barefoot is great for you and a few celebrities that are into the trend!

Have you tried running barefoot?

Barefoot running can help strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the foot and improve your gait.

It also encourages you to land on your forefoot rather than your heel. By landing on the forefoot more, you allow your arches to act as natural shock absorbers and reduce the impact to your feet, lower limbs, and knees. Running barefoot is not easy, however. It is important to start slow and work to longer durations gradually. Getting the best barefoot running shoes also help. Here are 12 celebrities who are also into barefoot running in case you need some inspiration:

12 Celebrities Who Are Into Running BarefootScarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson is one of the most popular barefoot running celebrities. Many adoring fans were ecstatic to see her going barefoot running when a picture of her and Sean Penn began circulating. The picture clearly shows her love for the activity as she runs with her pink Vibram FiveFingers Bikila shoes.

Kate Hudson:

Kate Hudson rocks a body that many women envy. Her passion to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle contributes to her amazing physiques. She has been doing Pilates for a long time now and her new addition to her workout is barefoot running.

Channing Tatum:

Channing Tatum makes everything looks so easy – from dancing to barefoot running. This actor is one of the several barefoot running celebrities that have picked up the love for this sport. Seeing his great body, now you know what his secret is.

Hugh Jackman:

The actor is often seen wearing Vibram FiveFingers shoes even when he is out with his wife or children. He has built barefoot running into his regular workout routine.

Kristen Stewart:

Kirsten admitted that she has never worked out before but when she did the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, she realized that she needs to be physically fit all the time to be more effective and active in her roles. She hired a personal trainer and has been doing Pilates and running, including barefoot running, to maintain her lean figure.

Jake Gyllenhaal:

Jake learned to love barefoot running through his brother-in-law who is also a big fan of this extreme activity. Though he had been running with minimalist shoes even before, he has never tried running barefoot or with Vibram until he was introduced to it.

Shailene Woodley:

Shailene Woodley is definitely a rising star to watch out for and has a body that many women would love to have. She is tall and lean and she gives all the credit to her passion for yoga and barefoot running. She is not into any diet but she loves doing these forms of exercise to keep her healthy.

12 Celebrities Who Are Into Running Barefoot FeetJosh Duhamel:

Josh Duhamel has long given up the possibility of being muscular but he stressed out the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. He and his wife, Fergie, push each other when it comes to working out. They may be competitive but they help each other maintain their body fit.

Josh has seen the amazing benefits of barefoot running and years ago, he was even asked to test drive Reebok’s RealFlex minimalist shoes.

Matt Bellamy:

Matt Bellamy, who was Kate Hudson’s fiance and lead singer of the band Muse, might have broken his toes while barefoot running. No one has confirmed yet if he truly broke during barefoot running or accidentally injured himself without wearing footwear. But nonetheless, he is also a big fan of barefoot running.

Matthew McConaughey:

One of the famous barefoot running celebrities who has learned to enjoy this sport. Often seen together with his girlfriend, Matthew loves to run barefoot on the beach. No wonder he has such a beautiful tan all the time.

Prince Harry:

The royal prince was seen buying a pair of Vibram FiveFingers in San Diego, California a few years back. Some of Harry’s friends said that the prince does not like to wear shoes so it is easy to say that he is one of the many people who have learned to love barefoot running.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Another famous barefoot running celebrity is Leonardo DiCaprio. He may not always see jogging or running outside but he definitely takes care of his body and health by barefoot running. Maybe that is why Victoria’s Secret’s Angels cannot resist him.


Maybe it’s time to try this fad for yourself!

Just remember to start slow and take it easy as your body gets accustomed to this different form of running!

Are you into running barefoot? Let us know in the comments below!

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