3 Alternatives to Burpees

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There Are Other Ways to Achieve Your Goals than Burpees

When it comes to fitness in general and weight loss in particular, burpees have been proven to be very effective. This particular exercise involves alternating between a standing position and a push-up position with a jump. It is very taxing from a physical standpoint because it works every muscle in your body, burning a lot of calories and increasing your heart rate in the process.

But did you know that there are less strenuous exercises that are even more effective if you want to lose weight in a timely fashion? Moreover, along with being easier to perform, they are safer and work even more muscle groups, including the shoulders and hips. Here are three exercises to try instead of burpees.

Hate Burpees? Here Are Some Awesome Alternatives

Battle Rope Wave

This first exercise alternative for burpees is the battle rope wave. Besides being good for fat loss, it works each arm independently and is a good stress reliever. Plus it’s kind of fun to smack those ropes around!

One of the main advantages of this exercise is that it does not require any warm-up or extended recovery time after finishing. This exercise, while good for the arms, requires shoulder action and works core muscles as well as the hips, feet, and legs.

In other words, despite the fact that you are using only your arms actively, it is a total body workout that burns lots of calories.

If you are a beginner, you should know that doing this exercise for more than 20 seconds is almost impossible. Start slowly and learn the basic movements. The first sessions should consist of 10 to 20 minutes of total exercise, with resting periods of 40 to 50 seconds. After a while, progress to 30 seconds sessions—then 40, then 50, and soon enough you will master this exercise.

You can also use it for short bursts during circuits or incorporated it into another programming.

Spinning or Cycling battle ropes, exercise, fitness, spinning, deadlift

Many people find spin bikes to be terribly dull, but developing a tight spinning workout routine is an effective weight-loss method. Fortunately, with a little creativity (and the proper music), you can turn spinning into a pleasant and fun experience.

From a cardio standpoint, cycling is effective because it is designed to burn a large number of calories in a short period of time. Still, you need to do it regularly to see all of its benefits.

Cycling tips:

  • Set the saddle at an appropriate height. One of the most common rookie mistakes is setting the seat either too high or too low. This not only puts unnecessary strain on your feet muscles but can also lead to injuries. Improper saddle height can tax your stamina, leading to shorter workout sessions and poor overall results.
  • Alternate between sitting and standing. The easiest way to do this is two- to three-minute intervals. Stand for three minutes then sit for three. Lifting your hips from the machine will put pressure on your hips, core, and legs, burning more calories in the process.
  • Assuming you are a beginner, it is wise to pause the timer after every 15 minutes to get off the machine and stretch your legs for a few moments. You may need these shorter bursts to get acclimated to the exercise. After a few weeks of intensive training, you will be able to last longer and take fewer breaks.

Spinning or cycling is harder to squeeze into some workouts but makes a solid alternative to burpees.

Even doing some fast spinning for 3-5 minutes during a workout can have an awesome impact on your workout!


Deadlifting is an intense exercise that works the calves, back, core, forearms, calves, and hamstrings. Since it uses so many muscles, it rivals burpees as a total body exercise. While there’s no plyometric movement involved, it still burns tons of calories! Try doing deadlifts for time (not for a heavyweight) to get that cardio aspect.

In order to do it properly, always start with the weight on the floor. Pull the bar up until you reach the middle of your thighs while locking your knees and hips in the process. Afterward, make sure to move your hips back, bend your knees a bit, and put the weight back on the floor.

Caution is recommended as this exercise, if not performed in a proper fashion, could injure the lower back. Therefore, avoid rounding your lower back while doing heavy deadlifts because that will only put unnecessary pressure on your spinal discs.

If you’re nervous about doing deadlifts, here are 10 bodyweight exercises you can practice—and none of them are burpees!


While burpees are very effective in terms of weight loss, there are many other exercises that, if executed correctly, can help you burn off just as many calories and work the same muscles. Spinning will enhance your stamina, battle rope waves are fun and a good way to start your workout, and deadlifts will increase your agility and strength. Try them in lieu of burpees to change up your workout and see the impact these targeted exercises can have!

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3 Alternatives to Burpees