3 Healthy Snack Bags for Your Gym

healthy snack bags for your gym

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Healthy Snacks to Add to Your Gym Bag

Let’s face it. We get hungry and we LOVE to snack! Especially before or after a tough workout, but when you don’t have any healthy snacks handy, you might reach for junk food. What about some amazing, healthy, reenergizing snacks?

Looking for healthy snacks to munch on after the gym?

We reviewed 3 healthy snacks that would be the perfect addition to your pre-or post-workout nutrition. It’s time to stock up!

Bare Snacks

Looking for a great addition to any gym bag? You have to try these. These fruits, coconut, and veggie chips are baked into crunchy bites that offer a great way to eat more fruit and pack a yummy pop of natural sweetness after a hard workout from their convenient, resealable pouches.

3 Healthy Snacks to Add to Your Gym Bag Eat Up

These really are amazing. So tasty and light. Forget the gym bag, these are a great snack, anytime. From the Granny Smith apples to the bananas, these baked snacks are crisp and delicious. This is seriously one of our favorite snacks we’ve reviewed in years.

They pack a great nutritious punch of real fruit and veggies to help you get ready for a workout or recover from one. The resealable pouches will easily fit in your bag, car, or desk.

They contain no preservatives and are non-GMO project verified. They are the real deal with the nutritious goodness of real fruit.

Country Archer Jerky Co. Original Mini Beef Sticks

Everyone loves a great piece of jerky or beef stick. These are right up our alley. They are packed with protein and are perfect when you’re on the go. Throw a couple in your bag for a post-workout treat packed with protein.

Plus, they are the real deal with wholesome ingredients including USDA-inspected, 100 percent grass-fed beef, free of nitrites, MSG, gluten, antibiotics, and added hormones. Snack up!

OJAS STUDIO Date & Grain Bites

Inspired by Ayurveda, “OJAS” (pronounced “oh-djas”) refers to the Sanskrit word for “vigor” or “vitality.” This is a hearty snack, packed with nutrients and is a great way to energize yourself before or after the gym.

How do they pack so many nutrients into these little packages? They are loaded with real fruit, organic grains, fall spices, and almond butter. It’s so good for you it almost feels wrong! They are made with absolutely zero artificial sweeteners, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Certified OU Kosher.

These are great, very filling small snacks.


There you have it! It’s time to forget the sugary snacks. From now on, don’t grab a hugely sugar-laden snack before or after the gym.

It’s time to take care of your hunger with one of these healthy snacks. It’s time to stock up your gym bag!

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3 Healthy Snack Bags for Your Gym