The 5 Lifestyle Hacks for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Simple Life Hacks for a Healthy Lifestyle

Looking for some simple life hacks to make living a healthy lifestyle easier? Uh, yeah! Check out these expert life hacks and some ways you can start improving your overall health today!

Give these life hacks a try for a healthy lifestyle

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of having to start fresh every year with New Year’s resolutions to beginning a healthy lifestyle.  You might have tried to quit eating desserts cold turkey and avoiding junk food as best as you could.  You might have joined the other thousands of healthy hopefuls in signing up for a gym membership only to find yourself searching for excuses by February in order to skip the gym.

Life isn’t about making a healthy lifestyle feel like a chore.  If it’s called a lifestyle, it must be something that is possible to maintain—for life!

You have finally landed on the top hacks in leading a healthy lifestyle that won’t be bogged down by temporary diets and dragging yourself to the gym:

5 Life Hacks for Living a Healthy Lifestyle1. Pump the breaks

Ease into your healthy lifestyle.  Choose one meal per day to practice being as healthy as you can.  Choose protein portions the size of your palm with a fruit or vegetable.  Slowly eat less of the not-so-good foods for you.

Allow yourself to enjoy all of the foods you enjoy, just focus on easing into a lifestyle that includes more healthy foods than not healthy foods.

If you try to permanently cut out all sweets and fried food, for example, you will build up a craving for it and give in, splurging more than you might have before.  Develop a mindset of splurging in moderation and filling your body with nutritious foods.

Think of food as your medicine for a healthy life and with this slight adjustment, you will begin to feel more energetic and overall more confident and comfortable with yourself. 

2. Drink more water

Drink one glass of water before every meal.  This will fill you up a little bit before you eat in order to not over-eat.  This also hydrates your body, energizes you, and gives your body more water for all of the functions water plays in the body.  Cut back on juices and soda—these beverages add extra calories and sugar that aren’t so good for you.

It may be helpful to buy a big water bottle to carry around with you during the day so you will always have a supply.  It may be effective to challenge yourself in finishing the entire water bottle before lunch and then again before dinner.

Find anything that motivates you and you will quickly feel the benefits of drinking more water

3. Find an exercise activity you enjoy

Don’t like running?  Don’t do it.  Don’t like lifting weights?  Don’t do it.  Find any activity that you enjoy that will get your heart rate up and burn calories.  Forcing yourself to do a workout you don’t enjoy will only make it harder to sustain.  Anything active can work such as dancing, going for walks, yoga, or riding your bike around the neighborhood.

The goal is simple: find something that you enjoy and something that will motivate you to keep coming back.

5 Life Hacks for Living a Healthy Lifestyle Nuts4. Build your own gym DIY style with friends

Gather your friends and make your own gym!  It’s as easy as finding tires to roll across the yard or using a sledgehammer to pound away calories on the tire.  See who can jump rope the longest.  Find heavy ropes and boost that heart rate by waving them against the ground.

There are so many opportunities for at-home workouts that won’t cost you a monthly fee, and friends will be more motivating than working out alone!  One key in developing your healthy lifestyle is having a solid support system, and friends are definitely included.

5. Stock up on simple snacks

We all experience cravings and hunger in between meals, so why not avoid the temptation of the vending machine at work or school and come prepared?  Prepare chopped apples or carrots and whip them out at snack time.  Keep your desk or workspace stocked with healthy granola bars, quest bars, or nuts.

You will be thankful for not only be prepared with simple treats to hold you over until the next meal, but you will also save money by not having to buy food and snacks on the run!


Adopting and living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be hard at all—go at your own pace, be confident in yourself, and know that you can do it!

It’s all about pushing through the challenges and keeping in mind these life hacks to keep you on track.

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