5 Superfoods to Eat Daily for Better Health

5 Superfoods to Eat Daily for Better Health Starting Today

Your Superfoods to Eat Daily

The best way to secure long-term health is to take a proactive by focusing on nutrition. By fuelling the body with proper food, you ensure that everything is functioning as it should. This proactive approach helps to maintain a healthy immune system and hormonal regulation.

Top superfoods to eat daily

“Superfoods” is a label applied to food that is high in nutrients and health benefits. Here are five superfoods to eat daily to take a proactive approach to improve your health and longevity.

1. Green Tea

Green tea has long been renowned for its antioxidant properties and the ability to help with appetite suppression. There are various types of green tea on the market, coming from different types of herbal crops scattered throughout Asia.
5 Superfoods to Eat Daily
In recent years, matcha green tea has become increasingly popular.

Moringa green tea is starting to become more popular due to increasing awareness surrounding the health benefit of this herb. Happy Body Formula wrote about it recently, outlining the various antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of this wonder herb.

2. Berries

Berries are often referred to as nature’s candy, due to their natural sweetness and high-impact flavor. Berries are rich in antioxidants and nutritional value, as well as providing a great source of fiber.

Unfortunately, there have been a few myths about consuming berries that need to be dispelled. Many people turn their nose up at frozen produce.

However, purchasing frozen berries (especially in the off-season) can provide higher nutritional value than fresh ones.

Additionally, as fear-mongering about sugar intake increases in the media, it’s important to understand the difference between the natural sugar in berries and refined sugars found in processed foods.

3. Spinach

Spinach may not cause your muscles to instantly grow ten sizes as Popeye would have you believe, but these leafy greens pack a hefty punch.

Spinach is rich in vitamin A and potassium, as well as offering a significant dose of folate which is necessary for pregnant women. Spinach also has a lot of protein and iron.

Spinach is a versatile leafy green to incorporate into the diet. It can be used in a number of delicious salad recipes or thrown in a morning smoothie for huge health benefits and ease of consumption.

As it is mostly flavorless, spinach can be blended with frozen fruit and a dash of citrus juice and be undetectable in your morning shake– as long as you can get over the color.

4. Skyr

Skyr is the Icelandic take on Greek yogurt and has a lot more to offer than the once fan-favorite dairy dish. Skyr offers more protein and less sugar and is also thicker and creamier than its Greek counterpart.

Like yogurt, Skyr introduces healthy bacteria into the gut, which can help with digestion, immunity, and weight management.

Use Skyr to replace yogurt in your breakfast bowls or smoothies. Try plain Skyr as a strong substitute for sour cream when looking for healthy substitutes on taco night.

5. Nuts

Nuts are a great source of healthy fats and can easily be incorporated as a part of a meal or as a quick on-the-go snack. For those pursuing a plant-based diet, nuts can be a healthy source of fats and protein in lieu of meat.

It’s important to consume nuts wisely when trying to improve your health. Ensure the nuts you purchase are raw and unsalted. Additionally, when purchasing nut butter, read the ingredient list carefully. Cheaper brands often use icing sugar as a filler.


By incorporating these five superfoods into your daily meal plan, you’ll give your body what it needs to be healthy for the long haul. If you’re looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing, you should also check out This Dentist Virginia Beach.

5 Superfoods to Eat Daily for Better Health