You Should Avoid These 5 Treadmill Mistakes

treadmill mistakes

Ever Seen Anyone Using the Treadmill Like This?

Let’s break down some crazy ways people use the treadmill (I’ve seen a few myself) to help you get the most out of your workout and help reduce your chances of being injured!

The treadmill isn’t for everything

Not having a fitness trainer around to guide you through your exercise routine can be quite dangerous to your health if you’re not fully aware of how the equipment and machines are to be used. You just might end up injuring yourself if you perform an exercise in the wrong form or tempo.

But there are some mistakes that are obviously a fitness and health hazard, yet some people just don’t get it.

Now, a number of them are related to the treadmill and the stupid things that people do on it.

In case you’re not familiar, here’s what you shouldn’t be doing on the treadmill.

1. Don’t Step On One With Wheels (Duh!)

Treadmill SkateNow, why would you even do that in the first place? It’s a treadmill – you walk or run on it – you don’t ride a bike on it. In fact, some people are so delusional that they think it’s okay to bring on skates and rollerblades as well.

If only someone could tell them that treadmills are all about balance and control and that what they’re rolling on just makes it even more difficult to maintain balance.

So stick to your feet and avoid the wheels and rollers – who knows you just might have people rolling on the floor with laughter after you roll off the treadmill.

2. Don’t Get Too Lost In Your Thoughts

The treadmill can be a great place for thinking but sometimes that can lead to tunnel vision. This can lead to a comical trip (at least for the other people around).

I mean you are so deep in thought about what dress you should wear to your friend’s bachelorette party that before you know it, you’ll be losing track of your feet and will slip off with a terrible fall and some serious back injuries. Instead, clear your mind and just get lost in the movement. This can help you de-stress!

Look forward, stay focused and count your laps – not your mile long to-do list!

3. Don’t Tread With Crappy Shoes

Treadmills can get really hot! And it’s not just the sweating bodies, as the minutes go by, the belt under your shoes begins to burn and the heat begins to travel through your shoes as well.

It sometimes can feel almost as if you’re running on fire, which is why you obviously need good footwear to keep your feet protected – not to mention you need proper cushioning and protection against the constant pounding. Many gym-goers walk in for a treadmill workout as if it’s a fashion parade.

Well, there’s a difference between fashionable footwear for the gym and a fashion disaster on the run.

4. Don’t Do Race Training

Treadmill RunYou can run to build your stamina on a treadmill, but you can’t run to train for a race. There’s a big difference between running on a treadmill and running on an open track; the former just can’t supplement the latter when it comes to providing the right turf and the right dynamics in which your entire body works while competing in a race.

The treadmill is a great way to get your cardiovascular system racing for better heart health, but it just might not make you a better racer on the track.

5. Don’t Jump

You’re supposed to be running – not performing gymnastics! But it’s not just the actual jumping that’s dangerous. A lot of people tend to have a bit of a bounce to their strides.

The dangers are two-fold. First, the hard surface of the treadmill doesn’t really provide much of a cushion to your joints after a landing. Secondly, you just might end up twisting your ankle because of the motion of the belt. Not to mention, some folks just like to pretend to be cool and try to jump off a treadmill after bringing it to a sudden halt.

With sweaty palms, that heroic leap isn’t much of a cool idea either unless you’re deliberately trying to break a bone.


So, the next time you’re on a treadmill, just walk or jog – don’t try to do something that’s extraordinarily silly!

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