Hormone Connection: Group and Oxytocin Exercise Classes

How a Hormone Can Affect Group Exercise Classes…

Hormones influence everything we do. From how we interact in a group to fat uptake to muscle production we all know hormones play a huge role in our daily lives! In this article, we discuss the hormone oxytocin and how it can influence group exercise classes, and even team chemistry!

Hormones and Exercise Classes

Although most athletes like to think about the body as one complex system containing muscles and bones, in reality, it is much more than that.

Our physiology is heavily influenced by numerous hormones which regulate different systems in our body. In most cases, we don’t even need to think about them because all of them have normal working levels and unlike our muscles, for example, there is no point in increasing the level of these hormones in our body.

Simply put, when it comes to hormones, optimal is usually the best.

However, there is one particular hormone which is very important for athletic performance in which we perform in things such as sports of group exercise classes. This hormone is called oxytocin.

Whether we are playing street basketball in a back alley or if we are competing for a World Cup in soccer, our hormones regulate the way we behave in a team. Oxytocin is usually referred to as a bonding hormone. This is what it precisely does. It helps individuals bond with people who are similar to them.

Oxytocin is not only important for sport but also for maternal instinct, sexual desire, and as well as fear. It all comes down to our basic instincts which were developed for thousands and thousands of years.

Its Influence on Social Interactions

seminarWhen we first meet a person, we either instantly connect with the person or we regard them as a threat. Basically, it is true that similar people connect more easily. This is especially true for individuals who have similar agendas.

When we have a common goal with another person, oxytocin is released in our body giving us a feeling of comfort and bonding.

This way, we quickly relate to another person and form a bond. Furthermore, this creates almost a pack behavior. We are fanatically loyal to our group and willing to cheat in order to reach our goals.

In terms of sports, oxytocin heavily influences our success. In the end, group sports or even participation in group exercise classes require a certain level of cooperation.

Without it, there is no way of achieving good results. A high level of oxytocin in our body allows us to connect better within a group. Oxytocin doesn’t only influence our behavior, it also influences the way other people perceive us. This is a little thing that can go a long way when we are competing with another team.

In most cases, people refer to this as chemistry. In a way, this is the best to describe the process.

Unlike many other hormones, which need to be in equilibrium, we need to have the largest possible amount of oxytocin in our bloodstream.

This is because most of the other hormones influence our body while oxytocin influences our mind and through it, our positive behavior.


However, in some cases, our bodies can’t produce the needed amounts of the hormone.

Lack of oxytocin can negatively affect not only our sports results but also our bonding with other people including our families. The best course of action is the use of supplements such as oxytocin sublingual drops or oxytocin nasal spray.

They can increase the level of oxytocin in our body and allow us to achieve team chemistry or become a functional part of our group fitness classes!

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