How to Build Muscle Naturally in 5 Ways

how to build muscle

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You Can Build Muscle Naturally

More strength means more muscle. Heavyweights translate to a stronger body and, consequently, bigger muscles. Muscles enlarge so they can hoist heavier weights. For this reason, strength is size—aim to lift heavy weights to gain muscle naturally.

A good number of people attempt to boost muscle growth by engaging in high rep isolation workouts until pumped out and aching. Unfortunately, this seldom works owing to a lack of heavy enough weights to spark muscle gain. Only strong lifters or people willing to take drugs can increase muscle mass by partaking in isolation exercises like flies and curls.

Natural lifters require compound workouts like deadlift, squats, row, bench & OH Press to build muscle. You stand to gain roughly 43 lbs of muscle training three times weekly and without taking drugs. Lifting heavy weights works for even skinny hard gainers.

5 Tips to Build Muscle Naturally

1. Recover

Your muscles need time to recover after a heavy workout. You must know when to let up. As an unwritten rule, never work any muscle group to failure on successive days. Plainly put, take a minimum of a day off between exercises with each muscle group.

Supposing you take the day off and still note lots of fatigue or muscle pain, take an extra day off. You’re better safe than sorry.

Don’t disregard the significance of sleep. Muscles grow during our sleeping hours. Clock at least seven hours of sleep in a quiet and dark room with zero disruptions.

2. Drink Enough Water Daily

Muscles need ample hydration for optimum performance. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. You need not get zealous and gobble two gallons of water daily as some guys do, just ensure that you drink water before, during, and post workouts.

Sip water throughout the day.

Maintaining optimum hydration levels keeps your muscles full and in excellent working condition, thereby improving your lifting proficiency.

3. Post-Workout Meal5 Tips to Build Muscle Naturally

Your muscles feel like sponges after a rigorous workout. Muscles want nutrients fast! A smoothie or shake comes to mind.

You want a blend of proteins and carbs. Proteins, as most of us know, trigger muscle building. Build muscle naturally by choosing the right foods.

Here’s a recipe you could try. Add some almonds, honey, whey protein, and milk to your blender. Run the mixer and gradually add about three ice cubes at a time until you’re satisfied with the consistency.

Nutrition remains a crucial factor for fitness enthusiasts.

4. Lift Heavy

Lifting light weights isn’t how to grow muscle and strength. Lift iron that will make you put in some extra effort.

As a general rule, lift weights that you can lift six to eight times somewhat comfortably. Also, aim for five or more sets in your workouts.

Take enough rest in between sets—you want to recover to maximize your lifts fully.

5. Add Compound Exercise to Your Routine

To get value for your time and money, add some compound exercises like weighted pull-ups, bench presses, leg presses, and deadlifts. The exercises mentioned above engage many muscle groups and deliver results more efficiently.


Housebound fitness enthusiasts can still build muscle without extra aids by doing exercises like lunges, push-ups, dips, and step-ups. Your body will adapt to the added weights you challenge it with!

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How to Build Muscle Naturally in 5 Ways