What’s The Best Whey Protein For Your Goals?

best whey protein

The Best Whey Protein?

What’s one of the healthiest supplements out there? What’s the best whey protein for you? Have you heard of undenatured whey protein? Check out why this could be the ultimate protein to help you reach your goals!

Supplements: The Best Whey Protein

It has been proven that undenatured whey protein such as the Vital Whey Undenatured Whey Protein is one of the healthiest food supplements to take on the market.

A lot of bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts use this to enhance their workout and other muscle-building activities.

Our bodies need a good supply of protein to avoid muscles from breaking down and if any of our muscles get worn out due to an intense workout, they will get repaired easily with protein.

While you can get protein in different kinds of food, undenatured whey protein is widely popular because it is easily digestible. It also helps to supplement your body to help your immune system since it contains glutathione, which is an antioxidant needed in our bodies that help prevent damage to our cells.

What's The Best Whey Protein For Your GoalsUndenatured whey protein is not heat-treated which means the protein stays intact and the glutathione content is not broken down. This is why undenatured whey protein is considered better than a plain old whey protein isolate.

Here are three more reasons why undenatured whey protein is better for you than others on the market.

1. It contains a high amount of essential amino acids

Undenatured whey protein has a high amount of bonded cysteine in it along with essential amino acids. This is because, in the process of creating undenatured whey protein, the heat-sensitive amino acids are not destroyed and not harmed.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein’s crucial role in our body.

Amino acids have an important role in our bodily functions where one of which is giving our cells their structure. Loss of essential amino acids could prevent your body from not making enough protein to function and could eventually cause your tissue to break down.

2. It increases the glutathione in your body

Glutathione is important in our body. It is our body’s antioxidant that protects our cells. A number of chronic health-related issues in our immune system could happen when there is a decrease in glutathione levels in our body. This is because the supply of oxygen in our body is reduced when there is glutathione deficiency.

In the fast-paced world today, stress is the major reason why this antioxidant is depleted.  Not only does it help in building muscle, but denatured whey protein also increases the glutathione in our body. Suffice it to say, it is a great way to raise your glutathione and keep your immune system strong.

3. It promotes overall wellness in your body

While eating different kinds of healthy fruits and vegetables as well regular exercise can greatly benefit our bodies, using undenatured whey protein can undoubtedly provide additional health benefits.

Not only does it help to increase muscle and in bodybuilding purposes, but it also is proven to help in the reduction of fat. And all of those are the discoveries with today’s technology. There is still ongoing research on whey protein and as technology advances, there are surely more benefits that will be uncovered in the future.


While there are so many forms of protein supplements out there, undenatured protein can produce some great results. But as with anything, you need to find what works for you and produces results for your body! Let us know if you currently use or have tried undenatured whey protein before in the comments below.

What’s The Best Whey Protein For Your Goals?