5 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Holistic Hotspot


Your Holistic Home

Our home is the domain where we live, learn, and love. Sometimes thing can get hectic around the house, especially for those of you with kids! Check out this experts amazing advice on how to create a healthy, holistic hotspot in your home and find that continual peace of mind!

The healthy, holistic home approach

I’m a business owner and a mom of 4 and over the past few years, my gym membership has been collecting dust. I have always been committed to personal wellness (even during my three pregnancies in three years) but the extra time required to get my traditional 90 minute gym workout went missing.

Even at 35,  I was single and enjoyed what now seems to be unlimited hours of extra time to go the gym, run a 10k and go to a yoga class (sometimes all in the same day).

I have always loved to workout but since having 3 babies and becoming a stepmom,  every moment in my day is precious time.

This time was of course precious before but I have such a more heightened sense of how precious it is now that personal time is so limited.

Because my husband and I both work from home, we have implemented some strategies and practices that have helped us keep our home clean, clear and healthy. Our mission is to be walking examples of wellness and leadership for our children and we are very mindful that a family philosophy is the grounding base for excellence.

5 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Holistic HotspotWe have chosen to make happiness, freedom and health the core principles of our family lifestyle. There are simple strategies we’ve implemented that help us to stick to our integrity and keep ourselves functioning optimally for ourselves and our kids.

Here are some of our simple strategies you can implement starting today to turn your home into a holistic hotspot:

Treat your home as sacred space.

The more spacious, clean and alive your home is, the more inspired you will be to keep up your healthy habits. Keep clutter to a minimum (or remove it all together) and create extra breathing room in your health. Remember that every inch of clutter in your home sucks your life force.

The more space you have, the more you can breathe in life force. I also like to use vinegar and essential oils to clean my home.

Create a holistic hotspot.

Find a corner or a room in your home that is dedicated to holistic health. This area of your home should make you feel alive, healthy and vibrant. Infuse this area with art, natural fibers/flooring, natural light, natural scents (like essential oils) and anything that is meaningful to your well-being.

Crystals, yoga mats, and fitness props are also great ideas. Keep this area bright and filled with positive energy. Be mindful of keeping this space free from chemicals and toxins.

Minimize electrical gadgets in your bedroom.

Be mindful of how many electrical gadgets you have in your bedroom as these can impact your sleep. I suggest removing as many electrical items as possible from your bedroom. Artifical lights and even alarm clocks can mess with melatonin production. I like to encourage clients to keep their bedroom free from electrical gadgets.

Remember that good sleep is the top priority for optimal health and those cell phones, iPads and laptops on your bedside table mess with melatonin.

5 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Holistic Hotspot FridgeTurn your fridge into your life force engine.

It’s amazing how vibrant your body and cells will feel at the very glance of a fridge packed with live, whole food. Do a fridge detox of all that isn’t serving your body well (and any foods that might be weighing you down physically and emotionally).

Fuel your fridge the way your body wants to be fueled, alive, whole and loaded with life force. The practice of doing a fridge detox and a life force refuel will make your cells smile with gratitude.

Be mindful of the language you speak in your home.

We often forget that our home is our sanctuary and our sacred space. Who wants toxic energy in their home? It takes patience and discipline but implementing a daily practice of more love and kindness does wonders for the home.

When we see our home as alive and vibrant, we are more mindful of the language we speak in the home. Reducing (and eventually eliminating) negative language, gossip and complaining from the home is the first step. We can then graduate to replacing this language with love languages of respect, integrity, kindness and well-being.

Your home will thank you and so will your body.


What has been most important for my husband and I is to have extreme patience and kindness during the transition phase.

Making your home a holistic hotspot is simple but takes a deep commitment not only to your health but to living your greatest life with the precious time you have.

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