Children Wellness Tips During the Pandemic

Children Wellness Tips During the Pandemic

Children Wellness Tips During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a couple of things in people’s day-to-day lives. Yet even in this uncertain time, children are still growing, developing, and learning. Parents can support the healthy development of their children.

COVID-19 Children’s Wellness Tips

A little bit of focus, a little bit of time, and some free and simple activities will make the difference.

Sarahbeth Hartlage’s Children Wellness Tips

This pandemic is a scary and uncertain time. So it is normal for parents to get anxious and worried, especially if they have children at home.

The first and foremost thing that parents should remember is to keep their anxiety and patience in check. Only then can they take good care of their kids.

According to Sarahbeth Hartlage, it will be a challenge to have a useful and good conversation with kids if they are overwhelmed. Below are some children’s wellness tips that can keep them healthy during this crisis.

Listen to Children with Patience

Parents need to find time to talk with their kids, especially when the kids are worried and full of anxiety. Children should be aware that they can ask questions and express their feelings and take time to answer all their queries.

Implement or Maintain Routines

Children Wellness Tips During the Pandemic TodayA proper routine is vital for children, particularly during stress and increased uncertainty. With home routines and school routines getting disrupted, kids are likely to regulate their behavior and emotion.

Ensure to maintain a day-to-day routine; get ready for bedtime and day schedules.

Vital Tools

Prepare a theme or goal every week, such as a camp. Make use of educational resources which the school offers your child.

Try to spend some time each day outside with your kids for fresh air and exercise, and last but not least, include time for relaxation and fun with the little ones.

Keep Children Connected

Try to keep your kids connected with family members, relatives, and close friends. Grandparents are good at communicating to keep kids happy.

Today there are different technologies such as video calls that can help your kids stay connected with loved ones and develop a strong attachment during this time of social distancing. If there is no access to a laptop or smartphone, then a simple audio call can work wonders.

Teach Kids about Hygienic Practices

Your child can be a big health crusader. So ensure to explain to them the significance to practice proper hygiene and its importance in disease prevention.

Tell them to use a hand sanitizer or wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with soap & water. Also, tell them to prevent touching their mouth, nose, and eyes repeatedly.

Control Children’s Anxiety

At this time, it is quite likely for your child to get anxious. Find emotional cues in the child and discuss with them about the same. Explain to them calmly that things will get better when we take good care.


A disease outbreak like the COVID-19 pandemic may be challenging for kids to understand and cope with.

How they respond will ultimately depend on their temperament, developmental level, and age.

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Children Wellness Tips During the Pandemic