Overcome COVID-19 Cooking Fatigue with Frozen Foods

Overcome COVID-19 Cooking Fatigue with Frozen Foods

Overcome COVID-19 Cooking Fatigue

You can feel exhausted due to prolonged isolation and quarantine periods. And it may manifest more when you have to cook something. People often complain about having to prepare the same dish repeatedly. It becomes more like a chore for them. However, if you have to keep yourself healthy, you need to enjoy what you eat.

COVID-19 cooking fatigue

A nutritious alternative can be frozen foods. It can reduce a lot of pressure from your cooking routine in addition to ensuring varieties. So here is a quick look into the choice to help you take care of your health and wellness with nutrition.

Hani Zeini: Exploring healthy frozen food options.

Fruits and veggies

You can buy something like frozen peas from a nearby grocery store and add them to salads, sauces, and pasta. You can also use them to make fan-fried pea cake.

Overcome COVID-19 Cooking Fatigue with Frozen FoodsHowever, if you like the quickest way, opt for a simple pasta recipe with garlic, cheese, olive oil, and peas. Then, frozen stir-fry veggies are also an option. Since they tend to be clean and ready to cook, you can add them into a pan for stir fry.

With these, you can prepare fried rice also. Consider adding frozen peas or shelled edamame for an extra punch of protein along with scrambled eggs.

Similarly, you can take frozen blueberries to rustle up smoothies or yogurt and pancake with toppings.

Side dishes

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese is a healthier alternative to macaroni and cheese. You can cook it on a weeknight anytime as it gets ready in five minutes in a microwave. You can heat it and gorge. The smell of creamy cheese makes it ideal comfort food for winter nights, says Hani Zeini.

Nutritionists also swear by this classic dish loaded with nutrients. Since it includes whole-wheat pasts, butternut squash (packed with goodness for your body), and others, you can depend on this staple to boost your overall health. You can throw in a green salad to turn it into a complete meal.

Typically, frozen foods contain a high sodium content, and the saucy flavors are the perfect example of this. But the mac and cheese package has about 400 milligrams of this, which is not an issue.

Entrees and mains

In the main dishes, you can look for Mandarin Orange Chicken. The fantastic taste and economical price can be the two highlights. You can combine it with frozen vegetable fried rice to enhance the flavors.

Then, frozen burritos can also make an exciting lunch choice. Some people also recommend ricotta and spinach-based ravioli with tomato basil sauce.

Other than this, cauliflower gnocchi can also be a delectable surprise for your tongue. Some people don’t follow package instructions while cooking it.

They cook it in a dollop of butter with julienned sage and add gnocchi directly from the packet until it is reasonably warm. If you want to have a leisurely dinner, it can make the right choice, providing enough nutrition for your health.


Hence, don’t worry about cooking meals during the pandemic. Frozen foods can keep your health in good shape while removing all your cooking fatigue.

Overcome COVID-19 Cooking Fatigue with Frozen Foods